I WAS THE PHOTOGRAPHER ON A FOOTBALL MATCH! 📸⚽ | Again in the lovely Brighton ❤ | Photography Vlogs


hello! my name is Elizabeth, and welcome to my channel today we’re going to Brighton again this time because i had the opportunity to be with a sports photographer on a meet-up with Brighton instagramers, we were shooting a football match between local teams, i believe so and we went with this sports photographer, at the beginning we had him giving us some tips about what
speed to use, what aperture to use basically giving up some recommendations
to it. we even got some vests to be closer to the pitch
so we had the possibility to see the warm up of the teams, for some easier photos
while they were just warming up and then later we got the opportunity to be
inside the pitch to photograph both teams coming out and that was pretty
cool because I I think I’m never been in an actual football match I’ve only
watched them on TV so it was a different thing it was pretty cool to actually be
in the in the pitch at the moment of the game it was a really good experience, this experience is also the reason why my camera is very slow, I took about 600 photographies only for the day, a lot and I didn’t know that I had to buy a fast memory card, more than a memory card with bigger space now I’ve learned the lesson, I need to get another one that is faster for the camera I don’t have too much video material because I was focused on taking the photos and I hard time to pick the photos especially because I was learning how to actually follow the
action I didn’t know about the auto focus settings I learned something about it
it give me some ideas for what I like to do the most and I would really like to do this
again, it was also pretty useful to have a professional sports photographer to guide us a bit and to tell us what we should look for, and the camera
settings as usual stay till the end to see the photos of the day and don’t
forget to subscribe to give some thumbs up an activate the notification bell so you miss any video this are the better ones I selected mostly because most of them, or a lot of them were just out of frame so yeah, I had a pretty hard time selecting the photos because they were a lot, and I will just let you see the selected photos let me know down below in the comments which
photo what’s your favorite want to know which equipment I use just go down there
in the description box you will find all the links also you’ll find links to my
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a bit more about me this is all for today thank you for watching see you the
next one, bye!

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