I Joined a Russian Dating Site – See how it ended [Kult America]

I Joined a Russian Dating Site – See how it ended [Kult America]

A few years back I met a British man who told me of a crazy skim. In short, he learned the Russian language, would make fake social media accounts, contact as many women as he could in countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, then go on sex trips. Now, I’m not one to judge if you wanted to get laid, but the problem was that when he would return home from his trip, he would erase the profiles leaving these women no recourse to contact him. And the really disturbing thing is that this British man’s practice is not an isolated incident in the reputation of Russian women. Try Google image searching “Russian women”. The results will be very suggestive, loosely moral and so on. What perhaps is most disturbing is that most images and content on the internet suggest that Russian women are so desperate that they would literally fly across the world to marry a stranger. These stories and images in the media made me very curious, are Russian women actually desperate or are men simply sex-hungry pigs? So on today’s episode of Kult America, I sign up for a Russian dating service. So my week started by opening a dating profile on a very popular Russian dating service. I kind of expected that I would get a lot of emails and requests from people, you know, this is based on the images I have seen in the media, but to my surprise, I only received two correspondences from women, and both of them appeared to be a spam bot encouraging me to pay for the premium service so that I have a luxury of writing them back. I decided to be a little bit more proactive and I started to write as many women as I could, some of the women wrote back and they were very honest, open, polite, none of them seemed desperate, actually, most of them just seemed maybe a little bit curious. This really-really debunked so many of the myths that I had believed when I signed up for this service. Also, it seemed to be a requirement that the man needed to take active interest in Russia and Russian culture. This would exclude many arrogant foreigners who generally don’t have an interest in anything other than the physicality of the woman. So having basically ruled out the idea that Russian women are simply desperate and looking for a husband, I went ahead and made a dating profile for my own wife who posed as a Russian woman looking for love. Within the first few hours she received over 100 emails. Men from all walks of life, different parts of the world contacted her. And what was really interesting is that none of the correspondences were sexual, vulgar, deceptive. The proposals looked very much like a proposal you might see when you try to meet a woman on the street. You know, guys get a little fun-bully and they say “Ah… What time is it?” ‘Cause they don’t know how to break the ice. These messages were very much the same. My friend Irina even had an interview, like a Skype call, with one of these men, and he was full of class and he was very knowledgeable about Russia. “I just wanted to ask you why do you want to… have a Russian woman? Because we are nothing special.” “Why do you want to have a European man from Belgium? Same question. I like the mentality of the Russian women.” “Russian women they care for the relationship, they have one man and…. yeah, you do everything for the relationship.” “You are looking on this site for who?” “Is it love or is it marriage?” “Yes, I look for serious relationship that can end in a marriage.” “We can always start to apply an officail way to live in Europe… but first we need to see each other and we need to feel if we are in love, yes or no.” Now, this obviously was not a scientific study so I wouldn’t roll out the idea that there are sexual predators or women who are looking to use men for Green Cards on these sites, but what I did observe was an honest seeking of love, companionship, company, these basic human necessities that we all need and many people are without. I think this experiment really told me a lot about stereotypes. And one that I have to brutally confront is the fact that I, an American guy, received no correspondence from women whereas my wife posing as a Russian woman received over 100 emails. This would indeed suggest that if we’re using the word “desperation”, it’s not necessarily applicable to the Russian women. On the contrary, I think it’s applicable to the Western men. A little fun trivia: I actually met my Polish wife through the internet. Not on a dating service but all the same, I’ve been living in Warsaw proudly ever since. If you want to meet my wife Kasia, click this card, subscribe to her Youtube channel, and other than that, you can also watch this playlist for my adventures when I visited Russia. Thank you cso much for watching!

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  1. Good and bad are everywhere. Everyone is having a very short time in his life. So, I think being positive and honest is the best way to enjoy life. Thanks, everyone.

  2. This is laughable, I wouldn’t waste my time on these bitches. Because of Instagram all women are simply crazy no matter what country. Instagram has basically made women cold hearted and materialistic.

  3. I am an American who met my Moldovan (formerly USSR) wife through a network connected to our international church. After living in the U.S. for eight years (Detroit, MI), we moved to Moldova two years ago and live in a village home where we grow our own crops, raise our own chickens, pick our own fruit, gather our own nuts and berries, and make our own wine. It's a simple life with simple pleasures. I love it.

  4. Ive gotten 100s of emails from Ukrainian women and I dont have my photo on the site, but, you have to pay for chatting so that could be why

  5. I've seen alot of Russian woman date hispanics in Anaheim, USA in secret when thet had a boyfriend from Russia. Not lying years ago was friends with these Russian girls they no different from any other woman from a different race aka " money talks".

  6. Great video! Online dating in general sometimes unfairly gets a bad wrap, but most people don't realize that over 40% of new relationships world-wide are started ONLINE! There are a lot of good paid sites, and a few great free ones if you know where to look. For those who are more interested in Asian singles, the best truly free site we've found is www.Filipino4U.com There are also some good paid sites like Match or eHarmony if you are willing to pay monthly fees.

  7. How is this guy desperate? These women are! They would bang any Westerner for money, and the British guy brilliantly exploited that

  8. Or perhaps the Russian women think your a dweeb and aren't worth the time and your wife looks hot… And has gotten attention because of it … Also alot of western women don't know how to be domestic even if they're married to someone who works hard, knows how to fix things, garden, and be domestic… They're entitled thanks to western education and revisionist history.

  9. As native Ukrainian I have to reveal the truth about russian and ukreinian girls – they're all same gold-diggers as in us. They'll tell you that they're not, because of economic situation.

  10. Maybe those weman should stop sleeping with everyone and men will always be pigs and there are wemanntoo

  11. it is so funny. this are just e-mails. and most even not written by woman. i worked many years in ukrain. and even meet a man who made a millions with a marriage agency. this women, 98 in one big room, all on computer chat at the same time with 3 or 4 man. they did it for money. organized by an american company as a franchising system. and he employe this women. most of them was married, some ugly some with children. but there chats always very nice and for strong relationsship.
    one of my software developer, nice woman, was one time by a professional fotographer. some time later we found her fotos in a marriage agency online. i made for a test a profile and spend small money to talk with her. and i even get a nice e-mail as an answer. but she doesn't know about.
    and i can tell you, i had an ukrainian girlfriend, after i worked more then 10 years in ukrain. and never again. so much stress i don't need. in general i don't make any business anymore with russian people. to big difference in culture and in truth.

  12. SOME not all, some of western men are pathetic incels. They don't want to go to the gym, they do not want to improve their personality, they are weak and have become hateful and bitter, they also have that "women should be in kitchen" mentality and they are like 16 year olds mentally when they are 30+ years old. It is all their own fault, they should really be angry at themselves, but they project it on to women, "it is the whamaans fault" and they cry like babies.

    They always talk about manliness and that men are not allowed to be men, they are anti feminist and so on, but in reality they are the least manly men that exists themselves. I know many of these so called "men" in real life and they are the most pathetic, weak minded and arrogant "bitches" I know of. They have even started complaining that movies exist with people like Arnold or Sylvester Stallone or other macho men showing off their muscles, because it makes them feel weak, hahaha, they ARE weak in both mind, body and spirit. They are so "manly" that all they do is be scared of everything and be threathened by everything and cry cry cry.

    They do not even what a real man is.

  13. Men r desperate solly bcz of pro feminine family & social laws….forcing men to take care of Women's needs permitting women freedom to pull men's sexual string but not vice versa….I challenge if family laws sacked, men allowed to flaunt dicks publicly & allowed sexual tease by touching & r trained to sextease like women r, u will c equally desperate women …try this with lady & find a lady bagging sex

  14. I thought that at the end of the video you were going to say that your wife ran off with one of those email replies

  15. There are no women left in North America!
    These days now and permanently, they've all morphed into some twisted liberal green-haired screech-owl yellin' 🚫fat hogs gone wild!🚫 🐽🐷 🐖🐖🐖🐖

  16. go MGTOW,!stop wasting your precious time Gents!
    Save money for your pension,because nobody will help you,but yourself..!!

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHA I Am laughing at you suckers!! Eastern women were much better right?? HAHAHA! You are afraid of black guys etc and yet it's these white boys from the West being simps to these Russian Eastern European plastic dolls which they call ''real women'' HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  18. Look at that Belgium idiot. Western men cant get women so they blame it to western girls hahahaha and then when they go to the east they find out they still dont get shit HAHAAHAHAA. No wonder a lot of you are pedophiles and go to Asia for young asian pussy. it's sickening

  19. This was good to see. I had bought into the myth of Russian (and other Eastern European) women being greedy women on the prowl for Americans who can get them out of there and get them the green cards. It is good to know these women are just like most women all over the world who want love, companionship, marriage and a good life. I should have known better. Women all over are essentially nest-builders and those few who are not, aren't my cup of tea.

  20. so If you want to meet and marry a Russian bride this makes you a sex crazed PIG? That is a very ignorant and presumptuous statement demonstrating your low morals and since you no longer live in America your an expert? Your a JOKE! Sure the WORLD not just the USA has its share of dirtbags, male and Female! You are just a piece of judgmental crap! I know of 2 Males locally that met their brides on foreign dating sites and they are very happy..

  21. Interesting. Over nearly twenty years I've had over a dozen Russian women and one Polish woman email me wanting to meet me and I'm not on any dating agency. They said they were impressed by my " Profile. " Uh……WHAT profile ??!!

  22. Ukrainian and Russian women are gold diggers. Do you think there are no men in their countries? what do you think they are looking for rich old men abroad for? it's not about love, come on you kids, it's all about money. Basically you are buying a prostitute from Ukraine that will serve you. The bad thing about it is that most non-Ukrainian men are ok with that idea.

  23. This is interesting. I went on a date with a Russian girl years ago. She didn't speak English very well and I can't remember how she came to the US. ALL I remember is when she finished buttering a roll she licked the knife afterwards!! 😒

  24. A sure fire way to identify and get rid of gold diggers in Eastern Europe is just tell them you work as a " poor but honest " janitor or taxi cab driver for a living ! The gold diggers were run from you as fast as they can !

  25. Lol…for love 💘 😂😂😂😂yeah sure👍
    …. All the correspondence is from men in the skin trade…1ST we need to check the merchandise before long term ownership..oops I meant "relationship"😆

  26. lol western men are desperate ? NOOOOOOOO wer are happy having a tonn of arrogant, not carryng or loyal woman but hey the know how to press 3 buttons at the microwave ^^ i´m from Austria and i can say i don´t want to marry an Austrian girl u can´t trust them so jea sad but true

  27. This is Billy.It's kind of both.Russian women run their households differently from American women.Also Russian women want wealthy men.Nobody wants to marry poor.

  28. What’s up with the backlit shots?? ! You have over 100K subs but can’t adhere to basic camerawork practices?

  29. я мечтаю жениться на русских мусульманках
    ya mechtayu zhenit'sya na russkikh musul'mankakh✌🏻

  30. I live in Miami and here I've met LOTS of Russian and other eastern European women… they're all the same… opportunists, gold diggers and superficial creatures who use their sexuality only to use men as a tool.

  31. Never thought that you didn't receive messages just because u are not attractive but even more because american? There are other western who happy married with russians.. never seen?

  32. There’s lots of western women willing to give it up if your black and not looking for any thing other than sex

  33. That's very interesting. Seems to be set up to get men to part with their money in a desperate search for a 'Russian ' woman.
    I saw a programme on TV where American men actually went to Russia to meet 'brides' . They paid a lot of money and I don't think even 1 found love or a relationship. I got the impression the whole thing was just a set up!

  34. Doing a video with the sun in your viewers' eyes? Like being interviewed by the Gestapo. Gave up @1:10 as it seems to be deliberate.

  35. I don't get it with American women. Other than seeking mostly tall men, I don't know what they want. Not all are gold diggers though. So, it's hard to say WTF.

  36. Hello ! My Name is Alexander Federowicz… I am Half Polish… My Grandmother Federowicz passed away when I was quite young, and I remember her delicious Triangle shaped Pirogi's !!! Especially the Potato & Cheese ! I wanted to ask you if your Wife would make a video showing how to make the Large and Extremely TASTY Versions of True POLISH Pirogi's ??? The Type sold in Bags and Boxes are never Triangle-shaped and are always pretty small 😛 I am hoping she will be Ever so Kind and Show Off Those Amazing Polish Recipes ! Frankly You almost have Convinced me to Move myself & Wife to Poland ! My Wife Laurie is Part Polish too, and we are sick and tired of American Fake Altruism, which is focused solely on the hatred of any Caucasian People… We are in our 50's and remember when America was a real Country, and not a bunch of Socialist looking for middle class hard working people to tax to death, while creating a Hatred Narrative against the very class of people who designed and built 90% of every single thing the incoming Socialist's seek to take from us for free, as they are too lazy by far to ever design and build it for themselves !

  37. I beat if I talk to your wife You be surprised Western man looking beautiful Woman American do not offered What Central Europe and Eastern Europe like culture You are one off western man desperate time find out about Polish woman I beat she want to learn English Language ur wife Like my friend American Polish find Polish woman today Speak both perfect American fat lazy lady's give me money you get love plus they cold like ice Americano I meet worldwide lady's Russian Ukrainian are easy lady's not like Polish hard woman they will send you out if u not a type of man they looking for Poles are differently from other countries I can tell who is who by looking mostly people thinking where I come from They point less Special effects on me I can travel over Central and eastern Europe I will be one off them People have no idea If I speak Spanish France English Italian Russian Polish they be confused in spot who are this guy they like that special man just few words are welcome in eye's ok bye

  38. I have been involved in the Russian dating system since 1999. I have been quite sincere in my searching and am well and truly on top of the issues. I have been to Russia and Ukraine probably 30 times and always with a chance of meeting my soulmate each time. Some lessons learned: Go and enjoy the experience no matter what the outcome. Learn the Russian language. Avoid Anastasiadate if nothing else. Treat the women you meet with respect. And if it is costing you a fortune to write letters etc go to fdating.com which is absolutely free; use google translator to correspond with the women until your Russian improves. Do NOT marry the first woman you meet.

  39. who cares?? that is wayyyyy too much work. If i wanted to have sex with as many women as possible, I would just keep going to night clubs every night doing my best to make one night stands happen. No whore feels like she is used for sex if she is willing to give it up after being bought 2 drinks.. I lived that life for awhile and I have no money issues, and guess what… i still feel like offfing myself from time to time,

  40. I’m Russian and I’m always saying I’m gonna get a russian girlfriend or marry her and my dad said watch out russian women want you for your money or are gold diggers I need to be careful when I get a russian girlfriend or try to marry her I’m gonna see if she rly is what my dad says about russian girls when I’m dating then it gonna marry them most likely I’m not gonna have a russian girl like that hopefully

  41. lets be real here, losers only like Asian and Russian women because western women won't give them the time of day.

  42. Wow! So informative and confirmed what I feared. Russia and its culture seems to be different now. Many times I feel like Russian women got hit by capitalism in their head harder than the notorious western capitalist females. I have been in contact with few and by now they are all over 30 and still looking for the prince on a white horse and they all still dont have a child. I was offering them a normal life in Europe and Im the same age without children.

  43. I never trust Russian women. If they looking for true love then they should marry their own men from Russia if they are serious. In Russian culture they can marry 3 times for a true Christian it's a sin against God to marry a divorced woman

  44. I call BS!!! Ive seen documentaries whre they gather hundreds of women from ukraine to meet just with a couple dozen men from aborad. Perhaps not the same dynamic as your fake profile experiment but gives you the idea that yes, indeed many women want to find a better opportunity elsewhere, just like many latinamerican women would like a us citizen for them!

  45. I'm on a dating site called Loveswans, I probably get about 25 emails a day all different women,their so beautiful,and some are way too young some are over 25 to 50 I'm 54 but I look like I'm in my 30s I take pretty good care of myself dress really well, I'm seriously looking for a wife..without the western influence,Money can't buy love and it definitely can't buy me,some women approach me with cars money house all that,but I just want love and respect..that's all

  46. all the Russian dating sites are a scam so it's best to get out and meet face to face because the pictures and profiles are all bots.

  47. Yes, we are desperate. We are desperate for classy, intelligent and beautiful women. We are desperate for company not competition. We are desperate for independent women and not for spoiled girls with bitchy attitude. Yes, we desperately need more women like the ones you have in Russia.

  48. Don't date them online. Avoid them by any coast they are all scamers. There is no rules out there, you can get scammed by anyone. It does not metter who approach first who and does not metter if she is real or not. She might come to you as very real and true person, she will tell you her real name she will tell you her story and her situation. She will talk to you about being together, form family, gentle wife and so on? But is it really like that that she just fall for you over few picture? How do you know what she feels about you? They are very creative online they can write whole books to you every they, be aware. She might offer you very fast way to be with you. It's called Travel Visa. You should know that they don't have money for all papers and for the ticket. So if you fall for her you will be ending covering her coast, and if you do your nightmare is just about to begin. But you think it's all good and clear for her to move to you? You are all happy and then what? Obstacle after obstacle one after the other preventing her to arrive to you! Obstacles that demands more money out of you. For example not enough money to cross Russian custom border, missing documents like proof of residence. Being attacked and money is lost and so many other ways to make you to send money to her, so she can leave the city. Uselly over Western Union that is the most reliable way of doing it. Don't trust them. They can tell you they live in Novgorod or Novorossiysk or any other town or city, and maybe they live in some Hotel few feet from airport in Moskow like Khimki for example. They living there free on your money so avoid them by any mean. Don't be stupied think with your head, don't get hurt. Don't waste your time, money, heart and feelings on some girl overthere that you never meet in person.
    Go visit and leave they have everything there that they need. Be smart.

  49. Hi i'm philippine 🇵🇭 my president duterte is friendly like we PILIPINO people interested too russian people too becomes friends 👍

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