I have a giant soccer ball fetish

I have a giant soccer ball fetish

This place is… TRAAAAASH Ah haegh! Is that a giant soccer ball?! UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH God I can’t even- Oh my god the turning is so baaad ah- oh shit I’m stuck nononononononoooo I just got this car brohohoho k…oh shit Did I just- oh shit it’s him again I took your fuckin car hahahahahugh *sigh* Nothing ventured, nothing gained Oh shit…there’s a cop down there Bruh. Is he gonna steal my car? Don’t even think about it buddy I’ll fucking kill you AND your family HEY! DUHEGH- ok you can have it I NEED TO PEE I NEED TO PEE UGGGH WHERE’S THE BATHROOOOOM OOOOOOOHHHHHH WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BATHROOOOOOOOM SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITUH *panting* OOOOOHH OOOOHH OOOOOOOHHH I CAN’T EVEN- FUCK oh SHIT I’m innocent you fucking NIGGER STOOOP You can’t shoot for your life by the way! Ha haaaa- oh shit Oh shit he’s starting to hit Oh my god this tryhard, is really trying- oh my looooord *pathetic crying* please nohohoho :'( Why? Whys this bitch have to follow me all the way out he- he can’t even shoot look at em It’s been QUITE some time and he has not hit me very we- oh jeez STOP GO AWAY STOP GO AWAY Oh! Oh my god Yeah nice try buddy Fuck off kid SHIT I’m getting slower because, he’s been shooting me Yeah nice try your taser sucks yeah Your AIMING sucks Ha Oh I got an idea Kahahaaaaa *sigh* I guess escaping isn’t so uh easy now that there’s 5 billion fookin cops Why do you have to chase ME? Yeah go after the BACON hair the defenseless bacon hair with 200 bounty biiitch oh shit cops oh shit, cmon bacon hair let’s do this AHHHHHHHH FUUUUCK AGGGGHHHHH I NEED MONEEEEEEY GIMME YOUR MUSEUM PIECEEEES ok this t- OH JEEZ Try number two Try number two FUUUUUUUCK I don’t think it’s that way Oh god Oh gaaaawd cmooon climb up you fucking piece of SHIT Really? Time to go fight criiiime Cmon bitch GET ARRESTED AHAHAHAHAHA cmere Yeah THATS RIGHT THATS RIGHT YOU BETTER RESET Ima kill yo ass otherwise Ohhh hello I know you guys are in theeeere cmeeeere YOU LITTLE SHITS Is this guy just allowing himself to get fucked? Like he’s just turning his back towards me he’s like- *Sultry voice* Come at me baby Oh I don’t even have guns what am I doing?! Ohhh there’s probably a gang of them up there and I don’t even have a weapoooon oh man… welp Ya only live once Oh…there’s nobody up here Let’s go to the criminal hideout WHAT THE FUUUUCK ARE Y- SHIT HE’S COMING AFTER ME GET IN AHHHHHHHH oh shit Ok there’s no one here waiting for me that’s great Right Ok now- *exhale* This game fucking sucks

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  1. Hey Bug. Dimer is taking good care of your dog. I'm on his team in his league called DBA(We're on Tigers). You should come play rb again.

  2. How come ROBLOX didn’t ask YT to demonetize ur channel because you cuss?

    Because alberstuff got demonetized and now his new channel is flamingo

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