I Dribbled A Soccer Ball All Day

I Dribbled A Soccer Ball All Day

hi there now I’m Aria and today I’m gonna be dribbling a football or soccer ball all day today why am I doing this because my good buddy Zach challenged me too and I’ve also got nothing going on Zach also promised me football tickets if I’m able to successfully complete this challenge which would be delightful it sounds very easy but I know this sneaky man and I know he’s got some tricks up his sleeve so what to see how the day goes oh what a way to begin [Music] ah the canteen my domain Chris Rachel bananas I’m sweating already you know I saw your video you know basketball I don’t want to get screwed over like you were I’m here earlier then I wouldn’t be on a workday I feel good so far you know it easy but I know Zach’s got some tricks coming to my desk is unfortunately upstairs which I’m fairly certain that Zach knew this unfortunately I don’t think I’m allowed to just kick it up there cuz there’s someone sitting there I don’t want to you know HR already has a whole file on me but I do have a bit of sneaky plans there was a Mexican footballer named Blanco he perform a trick at the World Cup which has since been dubbed the Blanco bounce or the kangaroo hop so I’m gonna try try going up that way [Music] for them to work out this funds keeping me active have not played with the ball at my feet for for a few years now and it’s definitely caught up to me what’s life without a little challenge that you make yourself so what aria doesn’t know is that I set up a series of challenges for him today because if he just dribbles a ball all day that’s a little too easy I’m just gonna have to like immediately give him the tickets so I set up a series of challenges for him today with the finale being penalty kicks we’ll see what he can do what are you doing here today Oh time for your first challenge no we’re gonna do you are gonna get one point for every time you can successfully juggle the ball that’s risky for me let’s see what I’ve played it in school I was terrible at juggling so this is gonna be embarrassing but we’re gonna get at least three points here I feel like three isn’t that confident you’ll see no funny business once you get those Amazon Amazon all right let’s try this stuff got three baby warning this is a warning why you hit the cameraman no that was accidental please please please a warning I’m not giving it to him good morning mother I’m warning you on language oh come on we gotta edit bleep these out every single time I will not swear the rest of the day every time I swear I’ll be donating $10 to a charity of Zak Christmas choosing Oh [Applause] hey that was good you got 10 12 or something Aria told him to be here by now and he’s not here I’m gonna give him a card this is late hey dude happy to see me won’t you come here okay you know what this is a good hard I hate to do this you’re you’re late you’re late I told you to be here at noon it’s 1204 we’re gonna let you eat food but I have a challenge for you you need to perform a five giving those just the the nice employees here so basically you need to pass it and get it passed back to you okay five times and then you need to get your lunch I don’t know most of these people so that’s what yeah Oh guys fine just five you do me a favor are there could you pass the ball back and forth for me just once you do it you can either you thank you thank you pass this with me one do this to you to youtube that one doesn’t count she was on defense she’s good pass the ball with me one or two more yeah thank you sir I can eat very successful yeah now just go ahead and get your food but you have to keep tripling it what’d I say about language I apologize it’s quite tedious time to have this around quite hard I keep spilling everywhere so I have got them oh please don’t break that plate I already mentioned that hey I got a new challenge for you oh yeah oh you know soccer mmm football yes people running around it gets tough out there they get hit and injuries happens yeah sometimes they sell it you know what I’m gonna need you to do just go around the office and you need to fake an injury and you need to successfully sound like injured South to something that’s no fun for me either two years Community College theater okay Santa Monica College go Corsairs Spencer don’t touch the desk I don’t think she was convinced so we have to try someone else my friend Meghan sits in the back corner over there I think I can make her fall for it when it comes to I also want to show you some tricks supposed to show someone tricks I’m gonna try and do some culture today okay watch this ya know Kazak challenged me to to stage an injury where you fool to with injured Thank You Meghan there are probably videos of people spending a very prolonged amount of time training to do this trick and who want me to do it in the few minutes sure I was never able to pull off any kind trick like this when I when I play it so it might happen there’s a surprise challenge we knew you wouldn’t be able to do that he was locking eyes on you for this whole thing and then he just went for it good good job good job every time I think you’re gonna thank you getting up something you do for you oh you got it back over there momentarily one last thing I’m happy to do whatever you need me to do baby I’m gonna have you try to score a goal on a goalie this guy yep Zack he was a he played college level football I hope you know this yeah alright you know he’s got a score once just once all right all right here we are the final challenge that I didn’t think you would even get I’ve been so little nervous yeah I’ve all I this is quite a location you’ve chosen yeah you know I went for something that’s a little more grungy yeah yeah people stroll a little more free a lot of challenges surprises yes so I’m feeling generous I’m going to let you try twice and you only have to make one I just gotta make one to win and those tickets are mine I wanna alright Zach how you feeling less confident [Music] [Applause] oh I’m gonna make so many friends a stadium full of friends your animal this guy yeah it was a long day it was tedious at times but honestly how awfully can you say that you spent a whole workday drilled on the ball around your office I also got free tickets now to go see a football game well it’s been a few days and it’s acting through the tickets pleasantly surprised time to make some friends [Music]

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  1. The only reason I got on this videos because I thought I was the first person…


    Literally I just wanted to do those emojis

  2. it was a little rude for you to hold that banana, wipe your sweat away with that same hand and then try to offer the banana to someone


  4. The blanco bounce or the kangaroo hop?? The name of the player is Cuauhtémoc Blanco, the trick is called cuauhteminha

  5. I honestly still don’t know why is westerners call this sport soccer when the easterners is THE RIGHT TERM!! I mean, u use the ball w/ your feet! It makes sense!

  6. FOOTBALL! I hate word soccer…like come on! You kick the ball with feet…just name American football -arm pit ball, or something and we're good.

  7. Here in europe we dont count how many times we can dribble the ball, I mean doing it 10 times in a row is a challenge for americans, which is funny as hell. We count for how long can you dribble, like ‚20 minutes half an hour without stopping or dropping the ball. 10 minutes without dropping the ball is like normal for half the kids in europe.
    You guys are missing so much, I mean you have great sports like american football and baseball which are not popular in rest of the world, but Football is number one sport in the world, and I mean it's number one almost everywhere except in usa which is sad for you.

  8. buzzfeed needs to take a few months off and come up with better video ideas…i have no idea how you have 19+ million followers?

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