Huge Soccer Ball Filled with Helium (Burning Questions: Giant Soccer Ball)


Vat19 presents questions
from curious customers. Featuring the giant
inflatable soccer ball. BigMarcello101 says, “Let’s
say someone is kind of weak and can’t kick very far. Any ideas? Asking for a friend.” [MUSIC PLAYING] [BUZZER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [BUZZER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Textbook bicycle kick. FoolManChoo asks, “How
many times can you juggle the ball
without it falling?” [MUSIC PLAYING] One ish. HotDawg89 wants to
know, “Since it’s such an extremely big
ball does that mean playing with it is
considered an extreme sport?” [MUSIC PLAYING] Nothing but net. CatLord says, “My
job is miserable. Will this bring the fun
back into my workplace?” It’s fun and good
for your spine. Angela2683 inquires, “Does it
pop easily like a balloon?” [MUSIC PLAYING] Not likely. CargoShorts4President
writes, “My brother says if I hit him with
the soccer ball one more time he’s gonna get stabby. Should I be worried
about the ball?” [MUSIC PLAYING] Thandwiches asks, “What happens
if you fill it with helium?” [MUSIC PLAYING] You lose a giant soccer ball
and a lot of expensive helium. But if you use a
little bit less helium, [MUSIC PLAYING] Super. The last question comes
from HotFudgeBrony. “Can it be used as a weapon?” I’ll take this one. It’s just an inflatable
toy so I don’t really– Phew. Well that’s it and that’s
all until next time.

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