HOW WE SENT 500 CARS DOWN A GIANT RAMP | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

HOW WE SENT 500 CARS DOWN A GIANT RAMP | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

– [Andy] What are you gonna
do when people find out that you spray your hair? – Well, they’re not
gonna find out, right? – [Andy] Right. (laughing) – [Narrator] A Hot Wheels
production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer and Tanner Fox. – We’re back at Woodward. It’s a beautiful morning. It’s eight o’clock in
the morning right now. R-ramp ra-ra ramp ramp ramp! Mega Ramp! – Woo, look at that! It’s a sea of orange! – Guys, what’s going on? We’re down here
at the mega ramp. – Today we got 500
cars that we are gonna send down this huge ramp. – Wow, looks pretty good. Definitely better
than yesterday. (dramatic music) – Ah, it’s gonna be great! – Why are you whispering? – Quiet, there’s nature. (Andy laughs) – Welcome back to Hot
Wheels Unlimited. I’m Andy– Whoa I’m sorry. I just really want people
to be able to see the scale of my clown feet to my
tiny little chicken legs. (laughing) – [Camera Man] Okay so
what do we got here? – Yeah, you guys know
a track really kinda do whatever you want, so
we added these loops in hopes when we drop
all the Hot Wheels they’ll go in the loops. I think it’ll be cool. – We got drones, we got
cameras, we got an art person who’s drawing pictures
of us that we can see an artist’s rendering of it. – Yeah, exactly. – We’re not doing that. (crickets chirping) – We have loops though. – We do have loops! – We definitely
have a lot of loops. – There’s a lot of loops. – That’s what we put them here. – [Andy] Aw, what? This is so crazy. We’re gonna make a little
competition out of this. – Alrighty, we have
all of these cars. – Also, we’re gonna
send these down. One of them will win. – I call this lane right here. This is gonna be me. – [Andy] We have 25 cars,
we’re about to send them down. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Raise it up!
– Go! (all cheering) – [Andy] This is so great! (cheering) – [Andy] Aw. the loops! (bright music) Aw, c’mon! – Alright, let’s go down
there and see who won. – Check it out.
– Here we go. – Um…
– Oh, That’s one of mine! – [Tanner] Mine’s right
here, mine’s right here. – Oh, no! It was so close!
– That means I won, right? – That means you
won the first one. – [Tanner] Yes! (film crew chattering) (playful electronic music) – So uh, something
you might not know is that there’s actually an art to setting up these
cars in the lanes here, have somebody else do it. A hundred cars. – Actually, who can
say they done this? – Nobody. – [Drone Operator] And lift. (upbeat music) (Andy and Tanner chatter) – [Andy] That is awesome. – [Tanner] That was a good shot. That looked really cool. – Alright, let’s
find out who won. – There’s one of mine.
– Oh nice, okay. C’mon, no way. Oh, yes. Alrighty, it’s tied now. This is a little
behind the scenes. Hot Wheels Unlimited. – [Andy] 500 cars! – It’s the best day ever. 499. – [Both] 500. (both cheering) – Alright everybody,
see you down there. (Tanner laughs) – [Andy] Okay here we go, ready? – [Both] Three. Two. One. Go! Go! – [Tanner] Yeah! – [Andy] Oh my god. – [Tanner] Go, go! – [Andy] Look at that! – [Tanner] Go! – [Andy] C’mon, oh yes,
look at ’em all go! – [Tanner] It’s like a
tsunami of Hot Wheels! – [Andy] Oh that is so awesome! (funky music) (clapping) – Alright, alright. – I tweaked my neck
when I got excited. – Oh god, sorry. (both laughing) – Okay, trying to
find out who won here. – [Tanner] Kay… – Oh, I found it,
yes, I got mine! – Oh! I found it! – Aw, c’mon! – Yes, that means I won, right? – Yeah, it means you won. – I took the dom. – I’m Andy.
– I’m Tanner. – We’ll see you next time
on Hot Wheels Unlimited. Peace! Woo yeah, c’mon!
– Yeah! High five! – That was good,
we made contact. It was off, oh, there it is. it was the side contact. You know what you were talking
about, registered users. – Registered users,
comment down below. – Yeah comment below. How would
you high five if you didn’t have a brain like me. – [Narrator] A Hot
Wheels Production. (cheerful rock music)

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  1. Find out what happens behind the scenes on Tanner Fox's self-proclaimed "best day ever"! What would you do with unlimited tracks? 🏁

  2. what a waste. the track is to bumpy. the cars are all catching air two feet from the start leaving the track…big fail. do it right next time.

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