How to Volley a Soccer Ball

How to Volley a Soccer Ball

– Well guys, so this drill is shooting but this is a volley. You come in running. Running, okay, so you’re
sprinting a little bit and we have Dylan who’s
going to cross the ball, make a pass around and
then I’m going to shoot it with the left foot. It’s important. I know it might not be
easy for most of the guys, for most of the soccer players,
but we got to be able to to practice this drill. If you want to improve at something, you have to do something
that is difficult. That challenges yourself to become better. Okay guys? Let’s go. [soccer players making volley kicks] Okay, guys so I hope you liked this drill. The most important thing
about this drill is timing because you have to be running and be able to know where the
ball is coming on the side, time your run and also
have to position your body according to the ball. Because if you have your
body going backwards, the ball is going to go up. But you have to go, keep your body down, keep your head above the ball and be able to raise your knee. If you raise your knee,
the ball is going to go down. Also sometimes you have to
adapt your foot to the side because if you have your foot like this, it’s going to out of the net. So if you’re going to guide
it, the ball into the net, you have to move and hit it a little bit with the outside. So that’s really important and key. And repetition again is the
most important in this drill because it doesn’t come naturally. You just have to do it and
once you become used to it it’s gonna become easier, slowly. At the beginning it’s going to
be hard until you get. Okay, make sure you practice it and check our website
at Thank you so much. [Best Soccer Tricks]

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