How to Trap a Soccer Ball with Your Booty! ~ Online Soccer Academy

How to Trap a Soccer Ball with Your Booty! ~ Online Soccer Academy

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how to soccer, football soccer, soccer player, soccer football, soccer world, soccer video What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared
Montz former pro and founder of This soccer video soccer tutorial we are learning
football trick how to trap a soccer ball with your booty. Yes, your booty! You are correct, typically you would never
do a booty trap in a game but this is a fun way to challenge your soccer skills and show
off in front of your friends before training. soccer tricks Please don’t do this in a game and give your
poor soccer coach soccer coaches a heart attack! football tricks This OSA video is sponsored by our parent
company Believe in it®. Believe in it® is apparel that inspires you to reach your goal.
It’s for motivated athletes; all sports, all ages. is launching
in early 2014; enter your email to be alerted when you can buy a Believe in it® shirt! Just to be clear this is what a booty trap
looks like. soccer moves Now lets break down the key points. Key Points: how to soccer
1. Use your dominant leg’s booty to trap the soccer ball. It’s more like one booty cheek
traps it, instead of both booty cheeks. soccer trick 2. Ball should make contact with the base
of your booty near your hamstring. 3. Time the ball coming down out of the air.
As the ball is coming down out of the air you want to lift your dominant thigh and once
the ball passes your thigh you want to position your lower part of your booty over the ball
so when it hits the ground it will bounce up, hit your booty and bounce down again.
That is your control touch. 4. Dribble away like a champ! This will make
you look legit! football moves Exercise Player Can Do: football soccer
A soccer exercise we can do to practice. Soccer player start off by practicing this move without
the soccer football ball. Get your body use to how this will feel. Once comfortable toss
the soccer ball in the air with your hands about 5 – 10 yards up, then booty trap it.
coaching soccer Repeat until you feel confident. Once you feel confident start tossing the
ball higher and higher in the air to increase the difficulty. soccer world Then do it from
feet juggling. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: how to coach
soccer If the soccer ball isn’t bouncing great off
the ground then you could be in to thick of grass. So if you toss the ball 5 yards up
and it doesn’t bounce well then that means you have to toss the soccer ball higher to
get it to bounce better. You could also do this soccer move on concrete in tennis shoes
for a better bounce. Bonus Tip! how to play soccer
You are awesome! Don’t forget that! Big shout out to an OSA player and Believe
in it Athlete named Tycho. Tycho is 9 and from Holland. He just signed his first youth
contract with a pro team. Read the full story and see pics here. Give him a little dap and
say congrats in the comments! Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
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Post a comment; let me know what you think and how it worked for you? My name is Jared
Montz and Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything
in life is possible! Believe in it®!

43 thoughts on “How to Trap a Soccer Ball with Your Booty! ~ Online Soccer Academy

  1. Nice creativtiy! Thanks and I'll definitely use this in game! BTW which drill do you think I should do most regularly in order to become the best player I can be? Cheers!

  2. Jared, if i want to become a pro but i train alone what are daily drills i should be doing i try to join some soccer practices but they aren't very good here. 

  3. jared, can you show/tell us how to change defense into instant attack playing as right back or right wing. watch Andros Townsend, thanks

  4. Good thing my parents didn't walk in at the wrong time! Never thought I'd be watching a soccer vid with the word booty used that many times, unless its KSI

  5. Hey Jerry what can I do to lose weight I'm 15 I weigh 193 and I'm 5'8 but I need to get in shape for soccer season I need help thanks

  6. Oh no! I'm 13 years old and the best player in my horribly bad team. I've desperately been looking for a better team because i really BADLY want to go pro one day. Now when you told about this 9 year old kid i just activated the panic mode :O now i feel like i'm late.

    These videos have been really helpful because i have been noticed by the youth manager of my team and on top of that i can trap a ball with my booty!!! Thanks!

  7. Hey jared, my coaches always tell me to stop dribbling but I don't know, I just cant make my passes, I know how but I just keep dribbling. hopefully u know what I mean. any tips?

  8. If I'm on a low division team and going into high school what are easier ways to get better in high school and possibly becoming pro

  9. I try the skill and I think players can use it it game. It is a good way to shield the ball and fake a take down . The trick is very good to practic in thigt area !

  10. Do your coach tell you to stop dribbling? So they say to me! When I was young! Bad coach say so ? Because The best dribblers are the best passers. Thats a fact ! You will learn when to pass the ball! There is no fasit in soccer, soccer is to handel(act) take choises to The best for your team! Soccer needs good dribblers !

  11. Jared I joined a new team and I had to try out and played well and made it but we had a futsual game for the winter and I never got passed the ball only a few times unlike my old team. Do they not trust me in a game scenario but at practice? It just frustrated me a lot! 🙁

  12. sign up for free for a chance to get a scholarship at college x press

  13. Hey Jared is it getting cold on ur side? I was wondering if this Monday you could make a video tutorial on another advanced way to beat a defender plz 🙂 I looked for other tutorials but none of them teach properly.

  14. Hey Jared I'm 16 and I just recently started playing soccer people say I'm a great defence I wanted to know if I can still go pro I want to become a forward. Other people who play soccer put me down last year so I got no confidence in me I want to be better then them

  15. I believe we could use it in a game. One of my favorite soccer player Cuauhtemoc Blanco used it in games like when he played for Chicago Fire.

  16. Hey jared everytime i have the ball i always get tackle and i never made a team i wanna be a professional soccer player when i get older any tips?

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