30 thoughts on “How To Take A Goal Kick | CoachUp Soccer Goalkeeper Tips

  1. +CoachUp Actually,is the footshape i do this goalkick the same as the footshape in shooting ?So how to create more height and distance?Because if it is the same footshape as shooting,the ball will have very less backspin and wont go up very high.

  2. +CoachUp Can i use the method of scooping it up instead of lock the ankle ?Because it is hard for me to kick the lower part of the ball if i lock my ankle.

  3. Hi CoachUp! I was wondering, because where I play goalkeeper and I try do the goal kick, an enemy comes and takes the ball and I can only throw the ball up and then kick it. But I can't do it properly!

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  5. Thank you some much it helped me so much from many of your goal keeper videos I iam now the best goal keeper in my school thank u do much😁

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