How to Shoot on the Run

How to Shoot on the Run

Today we are learning how to shoot on the
run. What’s going on? Little dap! It’s Jared
Montz, former pro and founder of Online Soccer Academy. Before you learn how to shoot on
the run I highly suggest you know how to shoot from a stand still. Shooting from a stand
still is the first step on the ladder to being able to shoot on the run. Watch our OSA shooting
videos here. Now, the more advanced key points of shooting
on the run. Key Points! Key Point One. Place your Plant Foot Next
to the ball. For perfect technique when you take your shot
from a stand still your plant foot is next to the ball. The issue many players have when
shooting on the run is their plant foot is either behind the ball or in front of it.
Typically it’s behind the ball. Imagine trying to hit a golf ball. You want
to hit the ball when it is right in front of your feet. You DO NOT want the ball in
front of you or behind you. That would be an awkward looking swing and it wouldn’t
be as powerful or accurate! Key Point Two. Timing! Time your step to the
ball. You want to have a big back swing. So if you take your step to the ball when the
ball is too close to you, you won’t get enough of a back swing. If you take your step
to the ball when it’s too far away from you then you will be off balance and your
technique in your swing will suffer. When the ball is rolling it’s more difficult
to have good timing versus when the ball is at a stand still. The secret to this is lots
of reps and starting slow, not fast when shooting on the run. Key Point Three. Have a Second
of Calmness. When possible have a second of calmness before
you shoot. Great pros tend to lock in before they start running forward to shoot. So don’t
just rush up and shoot. Take a second to be calm and lock in before you start your run
up. Yes, in a game defenders are putting pressure
on you but if you look real close some of the best goals the shooter slows down prior
to running up fast to shoot. Key Point Four. Keep your eye on the ball.
Before you start moving to the ball, look up and take a mental picture of the goal.
Then focus your eyes 100% on the ball as you run up. You are learning to shoot on the run,
don’t look up as you are running to the ball, keep your eyes on the ball. An exercise
to practice on your own. You will need three cones, a few balls and a goal. If you don’t
have a goal then use a fence or wall. Be creative, but don’t break any of your parents’ windows!
Lay out your three cones like so and start off without the ball. Measure your normal
steps to the ball distance from the second cone to the third cone. Then lightly jog up
to the second cone and when you get there step to get your plant foot to land next to
the third cone and take an imaginary swing of the ball. Once you do this a few reps and
feel comfortable remove the second cone and get the ball out. Make a soft pass to the
cone, then light jog up and shoot on the run. Your focus is timing and landing your plant
foot next to the ball. Don’t worry about shooting for the corners or upper 90’s.
Focus on shooting low, hard and straight with power.
When comfortable pass the ball harder and run up faster. This challenges your timing.
After a few reps shoot from dribbling. The key is taking that last touch before you strike
the ball just a little farther out so you can take a big step to the ball. Don’t have
the ball right under you when you try to take a step to shoot.
Do a few reps of each style and do this for 10-15 minutes total.
If you have access to a camera, maybe one on your phone, I suggest having someone film
you from a side angle. After they video a few of your shots go back and watch the footage.
Look to see where your plant foot is. If it’s next to the ball, congrats. If it’s behind
your plant foot or in front then you know your timing is off and you need to make an
adjustment. No big deal! Bonus Exercise! If you have a partner handy have them roll the
ball out to your dominant foot from the side of the goal. You then run up and shoot the
ball as it’s rolling to you. This will be more challenging on your timing as the ball
is coming towards you, not going away from you. Do a few reps, rest and then repeat.
Second Bonus Exercise! Have your partner roll the ball from the side as you run up to shoot
it. This will challenge your timing as well. What’s Wrong! The most common error I see
with players shooting on the run is their plant foot is behind the ball. Start slow,
be patient and get your timing right before you start trying to shoot on the run at full
speed. Bonus Tip! Enjoy the process of improving!
You are not perfect, I’m not perfect, pros aren’t perfect. It takes hard work and practice
to get better. Don’t be upset when you can’t shoot as hard as your best friend. Use that
feeling to fuel your fire to improve. We all have to start somewhere so enjoy the process!
Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy video! Click here to watch our incredibly
helpful 200+ free videos, go here if you want a Believe in it® shirt and go here if you
are a coach and want to host an OSA Soccer Camp.
My name is Jared Montz and remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard
work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it®!

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  1. When I shoot from a standstill, I can shoot the ball with a decent amount of curve or bend. But while taking shots on the run, I tend to hr it with a lot of backspin, making it fly past the goal post. What can I do to fix this?

  2. lovely tutorial Jared….i requested you for a freekick tutorial vedio and you suggested to watch bending the ball type vedio…but unfortunately,foot contact area was not indicated there…and i am very much confused about that..can you please help me????

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  4. Thankyou Jared you really helped me with this and your probably the biggest reason why I have so much knowledge of the game thanks

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  8. Only things you need to know.
    1. Your last stride must be the longest when you shoot.
    2. Stop, take a little pause let the ball get more forward and then take the last stride to plant your foot and keep your toes pointed down.

  9. ey man could really use some advice on how to break into the starting 11. I played at a good level back home (4 leagues below semi-pro) I always started as a striker and scored a good amount of goals, 2 years ago I broke my collar bone playing and by the time it had healed the season was over. I went of to univeristy that summer and never tried out for a team due to focusing on my studies. In my second year I was really busy so joined a team mid way through the season. about 3 levels lower than what I was playing back home. I scored in my opening game to win the match but then did not score for the next 5 games, during this time I started sub 3 times and when coming on was put on the wing rather than up top. I contributed my lack of goals due to the fact I had taken a year and a half away from the game due to my injuries and was not match fit, and did not let it bother me. The last 3 games of the season I came of the bench for 2 of them and started the last one scoring 4 goals in the 3 games playing as a striker. Sadly I was fouled in the last game after scoring and this resulted in re-breaking my collar bone meaning all pre season I was out. I went to the gym when I was fit and gained my fitness back for the first game of the season where I started on the bench and was not used. we are now 6 games deep into the season I have started from the bench for all of them and have only gotten 20 minutes a game and have been getting played out of position on the wing. My manager pulled me to one side today and said you arent scoring enough goals which is hardly fair as I am only being given 20 minutes a game and am being played on the wing rather than as a striker. Today he started me on the bench today and put our midfielder up top and sat me and a new guy (another striker) on the bench, I eventually get on for the last 5 as a winger. I dont know what to do as I know I can score goals and be a prolific striker at this level because I have done it at a higher level but I am not given the chance, it seems like the managers mind is made up about me from last season which in my opinion 5 goals from 9 games is not bad considering I havent played in a year and a half. we don't train either so I have no chance to show him how prolific I can be in training. I dont want to leave as I love having competition for my spot in the team its what makes people better I believe but it is not fair to compare me to a striker who gets a full 90 most weeks when get 20 minutes out of position

  10. Another outstanding lesson. you BMIi is high. same thing happen to me with absent activity. follow the following diet: animal sources: chicken breast and egg whites only. replace all of your carbohydrates sources with whole grains (whole grain, whole grain rice, whole grain pancakes, etc), water only as a beverage and return to activity. Just because your over 30 doesn't mean your activity should subside. you will eventually get use to it. I now have the same bmi I had in High School and I am also over 30 like yourself.. I think you're also of meditarrenean descent and fat in you diet works against your system. Hope you lose the weight.

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  14. I have watched every soccer video you have made and they have really helped me I have been playing for a team since I was 11years old and I'm now 19 and I'm playing for their best team which is a semi professional team this channel has changed my life I couldn't be more grateful for your content


  15. Thanks bro,you have influenced me so hard.I have understood how to shoot. I am just a small boy from India and my main ambition is to become a soccer pro. But I am not in a situation to go for coaching or I don't even have a nice playground but with the things I have I am trying to recall everything taught by you. And this would be the biggest comment I have written

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  17. excellent tips man.practicing to shoot on running ball is very much important for the real game situation it gives you precious time before defender makes a challenge and block the way of ball. if you are two guys it's better to practice with each other like the last part of the video then individually.
    hey man,can u make a video on body game in football,because its very important in game,like when u receiving a ball and defender is behind you and how to do body feint to disguise a defender etc type situations.

  18. I still have problems with key point 2 timing. Most of the time when I want to shoot on the run i am making the swing when the ball is to far away from me making me fall face first on the ground. Could somemone help me explain me how I dont do that or how I can learn not to do that it would be so helpfull.

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