How To Shoot Like Lionel Messi! Can You Do It?

How To Shoot Like Lionel Messi! Can You Do It?

Messi! Oh, my! – The fade. It’s Messi. – Messi. – It’s Messi! It’s magnificent! – It’s Messi’s free kick. Oh, it’s a brilliant little Messi goal. – That is world class. – That is Messi class. That’s
above world class, Jerry. (upbeat dubstep music) – And Rulli stands and can only admire. Rooted to the spot. – Messi, Messi, Messi! – What’s up guys, Matt from
the Football Boots team, and today is all about
learning how to shoot like, arguably, the
greatest ever footballer to play the beautiful game. I’m wearing his boots right now. Of course, we’re talking
about Lionel Messi. Wha-pa! – It’s Messi! It’s magnificent! – The three best free
kick takes in my era, were, of course, David Beckham,
Ronaldihno, and Juninho. And the thing is, they all had completely different angles
of approach to the ball. Now, what I will say is,
it doesn’t actually matter, it’s what you feel comfortable with, but the difference in
angle is gonna affect how much curl you
generally get on the ball. If you’re behind the ball
like this, like Ronaldinho, shooting that way, you’re
gonna get excessive curve. But if you stand a bit
more side on, like Beckham, you’ll still get a lot of
curve, but maybe not as much. And then you’ve got Juninho,
who was a lot more straight on, so, generally, there won’t
be as much curve or spin on the ball, compared to David
Beckham’s or Ronaldinho’s. So they’re the three run up techniques that you guys can actually practise, until you’ve found the one
which is perfect for you. – Messi! Messi with a record breaking goal! – How many steps do you guys
need to take for your run-up? Well, there’s no perfect number. It’s not three, it’s not
five, it’s not seven. It’s whatever you feel
most comfortable with. But what I will say is, the
amount of steps can have a difference in power and control. If you want more control, like
Messi, he takes three steps, but if you want a little bit more power, you can take five, which
is what I personally take. Now this is a very good training tip for practising your
free kick consistency. Now, like I said already,
there’s no right and wrong way to do your run-up and approach. Once you’re happy, you
can then use your cone to mark out your precise movements. If you want to take three
steps back, five steps back, and also the angle, you can
use this cone to place it and then take your free kick,
’cause you know every time your run-up is going
to be exactly the same. – And it’s Messi! – Oh, it’s a beauty! – So a really good way of practising the amount of curl you
can put on the ball, is by using an object as a
obstacle to bend the ball around. As you can see, we’ve got a
blue pole on the blue line, and the right-hand post
also on that same line, so this one is quite difficult
to bend the ball around. You can pretty much use
anything on a football pitch, if there’s a spare goal, you
can use that to bend the ball. Or you could also ask your
teammate to stand in front of you to add the curl, to get it into the goal. – Messi! – Oh what a goal.
– Magnificent! – The way the ball
actually travels in the air is completely up to you and
the way you strike the ball. A great free kick, which I recently saw, was Ashley Young from Man. United, which went quite high and
whipped into the top corner, but Messi usually likes his
to dip a little bit quicker. So the way you strike the
ball is very important. If you want that more up-and-down shape, you need to hit up onto the ball, and give it a lot of rotations. Or if you want to strike it
a little bit more like Messi, which gets that dip, you need to strike it through the middle a little bit more, and not strike too much up, but a little bit flatter
and around the ball. – Messi! – Wow! – So when I started learning
how to put spin on the ball, one thing I used to love doing
was watching Rafael Nadal. Now you might find it a little bit strange that playing football, whipping the ball, is similar to tennis, but it really is. When you look at Nadal’s
forehand and he really whips it, he gets so much spin on the ball, and that’s exactly how
I hit my free kicks. When I strike it, it’s
a real whippy action. I flick across the ball and then finish on the
other side of my foot, very similar to Nadal’s forehand. If you guys are lucky enough, the very best way to see how much spin and curl you’re getting on the ball, is by using a Smart Ball
and the Smart Ball app. You kick it and it analyses
exactly how much spin and how much curve you get on the ball. And now we’re downloading
the actual result. So, as you guys can see, we
had 242 revolutions per minute, that’s actually quite a lot of spin. And, as you can see, it
says “Around the wall”. We spin it around to the next slide, and it actually shows how much
curve you get on the ball. So the first time was the spin, but this second time is
the actual flight path. – It’s Leo Messi! Magnificent goal! – Or the best thing to do
is use a marker on the ball where you know where to strike it. Now, this FIFA stamp here, is perfect. So just say we’re shooting
the big goal behind us, we place the ball just like that. So, as you can see, it’s on
the opposite side of the ball, almost at a downward angle. Now, because the ball is in this position, and that’s where you’re gonna hit it, it’s gonna mean as that
foot whips across the ball, it’s gonna exceed that high
level spin and rotation. – From 25. Messi! – So we’ve got our marker on the ball, so now it’s all about the strike action. We’ve got our run-up
sorted, take our steps back, and then we would go to strike
the ball, we hit that marker, and then follow through
across your planting foot, and then scrape your left
foot across the front. – And it’s Messi! And it’s goal! – Spectacle! – Alright, guys, so the
idea for today’s video is how to shoot like Lionel Messi. Hands up, who loves Messi? What a football player he is. So what I’m gonna say is, all of you guys get one strike at our goalkeeper. Now the three best ones, in
terms of top being curve, are gonna feature in
the video this weekend. Oh, yes. Strike. Mesut Oezil, curve on lockdown. Oh, that is top bins. Oh, wow. That’s different level. Great strike. – Guys, it is so important to
understand, that is no right or wrong way of shooting the ball. I remember when Cristiano Ronaldo was coming through at Man.
United as a young football player and people thought he ran weird, and also struck the ball
very strangely, too. But look at him now,
breaking records for fun, and you could also say
that about Harry Kane. Smashing records in the Premier League, and soon to be the Premier League’s greatest ever goalscorer. Both strike the ball in
their own certain way, so when it comes down to
you, you don’t have to mimic Messi, Ronaldo, Cavani,
Lewandowski, it is all down to how you feel comfortable striking the ball. – Messi! Oh, my word! At the end of the day, if you guys want to improve your shooting, if that’s free kicks or finishing, it all comes down to
practise and repetitions. Now, something which I like to do, after training just by myself, is having five balls lined up and trying to go in the
same position in the goal every single time, with those five balls. Remembering every part of the shot that we’ve gone through in this video. So that’s the run-up,
the angle of the run-up, how you strike the ball,
where you strike the ball, and also the follow through. So with these five, I’m
gonna try and go top left to see how many times I
can get it near that area. So guys, there it is, our video
on how to shoot like Messi. As you can see, we’ve
got a few future Messis with us here today, but
what I want to know is now who should we do next? Shoot like Ronaldo, skills like Neymar, you guys get to choose whatever you want. Let us know in the comments section below, but today that’s a complete wrap. So guys, thanks for watching. Cheers.

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