How to Shoot a Soccer Ball

How to Shoot a Soccer Ball

When I shoot I prefer to do a 3-5 step run
up to the ball. Your last three steps should be “powerful”,
I tend to run on my toes on those last 3 steps to help me generate more power When hitting the ball you should aim on hitting
it near the middle or maybe even a bit below. If you strike the ball too low it will go over the net Try and use the lace area of your shoes
when shooting this part is the best part to shoot because it helps you generate the most power. As mentioned before your last steps should
be big, try to generate as much power as possible. Your follow through can vary, it all depends on your style of kicking the ball After kicking the ball, swing you’re kicking
foot forward or to the side. It all depends on what you prefer. Also you can jump to prevent
injuries.(standing foot) You can also land on your kicking foot at the end. Music: Dj Fresh Direct- Mary-Kate and Ashley Lean over the ball more Shoot on the middle of the ball Shoot with your laces, DO NOT TOE-PUNT THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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