How to Shoot a Perfect Volley – Football Soccer Tutorial by freekickerz

How to Shoot a Perfect Volley – Football Soccer Tutorial by freekickerz

Hi, I’m Konzi from freekickerz! Welcome to a new video! With the help of Marco I will show you how to shoot a perfect volley. Enjoy the video! So, what’s important for a perfect volley? For me, the point of contact with the ball is very important. Pretty similar to your shooting technique you should hit the ball in the middle. If you hit it too low, you will kick it too high. If you hit it too high, you won’t create enough power. So, the centre is the best contact area to create perfect speed and power. What about the whole motion and follow-through? The way I do it? Yeah, exactly! You should lock your ankle the same way you do it when shooting or passing. You should focus on the ball and try to anticipate. You have to bring yourself into position so you can turn your body. So, you have to anticipate where the ball comes down. Finally, you have hit the ball right to score.

99 thoughts on “How to Shoot a Perfect Volley – Football Soccer Tutorial by freekickerz

  1. If you practice its not that hard to kick a decent volley, problem is in the middile of a match when you have defenders next to you and you mighit lose your focus

  2. Danke für dieses Tutorial
    Ich hatte eben ein Turnier und hab ein Volleytor in den Winkel geschossen mit der Art wie ihr es hier gezeigt habt.
    Danke 👌

  3. also konzi❤ dani❤ ihr seid total verückt ….ihr spielt bombe fußball …wegen euch hab ich meinen schuss verbessert….i love fk❤

  4. Geil wär noch, wenn der Torwart sich bei den Schüssen trotzdem noch hechten würde. Sieht einfach besser aus. Klasse Video weiter so ! 😀

  5. Richtig geile MUCKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zufällig auf euren Channel gestoßen und "We rise" hat euch grad ein Abo eingebracht 🙂

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  7. Sehr schlecht erklärt… "man muss den Ball perfekt treffen dann ist der drin" ach, hätte ich jetzt nicht erwartet. Sonst immer mega Videos


    The dreaded volley! One of the most difficult soccer techniques to master. Luckily, the guys at Freekickerz are famous across the internet for rifling in tremendous volleys! Here they break down the technique for you to help you become a VOLLEY MASTER!

    CoAcHeS qUiZ (Post answers in comments)

    1. What is the 'point of contact' that the Freekickerz advise when looking to volley at goal and why?
    2. Watch the strikers eyes! He is focussed entirely on the ball! Whay does he do this and how does it help him?
    3. Where should your striking foot and standing foot be orientated at the moment of contact?

    Record yourself scoring a WONDER VOLLEY and post to the comments section (bonus points for the best celebration!!)

  9. if you know basics of ball shooting and passing, easy ball curving wont bea problem but for perfect knuckles u need practise 😀

  10. What the striker does is only about 10% of this equation. You need someone on the wing delivering an inch perfect pass, you need defenders that are not surrounding you, you need wind that's not blowing the ball about… To shoot the perfect volley you need luck and lots of it…. All the striker has to do is make good contact with the ball. Everything else is beyond his control.

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