How To Shoot a Curve Ball Free Kick Tutorial w/ Gündogan


Hi, my name is Konzi! Today, well will tell you… …how to shoot a curve free kick. The boot doesn’t really matter. I just started wearing the adidas F50. I’m looking forward to the future. The ball doesn’t really matter, too. We play with different balls in different competitions. We switch a lot – but most of the time it’s an adidas ball. So, it matches witch the boots. Usually I take a run-up of three to four steps. Not much more. I don’t need a long run-up. It’s more about the technique than power. The run-up should be at 45 degrees. Maybe even less. You should definitely use the inside of the boot. So, somewhere around here. The middle of the inside. Don’t touch it too far at the back or front. I try to hit the ball quite low. Not in the middle but more at the outside. As a righty I hit it at the bottom right outside. So, I create a good curve for the ball to spin into the goal. First of all you have to place the ball on a plane surface. So, I always try to find a good spot for the ball. Then, I place my left foot next to the ball and take four steps back. Now, I start running with my left foot. At least it was a goal! I would suggest you to take your time for preparation. Focus on hitting the ball perfectly. Try to develope your individual run-up. Then, skill comes with practice. Still, you should not over-practice taking free kicks. If you do it to often, you overthink it and get too eager. So, I don’t practice too often. Ten to fiveteen shots a day should be good practice. Also do other exercises in between. Then, you can become better step by step! Let’s finally come to the giveaway! You can win a F50 signed by Ilkay Gündogan! Simply rate the video and let us know below… Which is your favourite boot when it comes to curve free kicks? I will randomly pick a winner in four weeks. Good luck! Thanks for watching! Stay sporty and see you in the next video!

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