How to Shape a Soccer Ball Cake | Birthday Cakes

How to Shape a Soccer Ball Cake | Birthday Cakes

We’ve taken our soccer ball cake out of the
refrigerator and now we’re going to carve it a little to give it a nice round ball shape. So we’re going to just take our knife and
you are going to want to go in to the maybe about half an inch or so, and you want to
just try and keep that same half an inch all the way around so its nice and even. Just get rid of that. Its good to always put the cake it the refrigerator,
this way you get a nice firm cake. If the cake was soft you’d have crumbs everywhere,
so being that it was in the refrigerator, there’s no crumbs. So we just want to round it out, just a little
more, and you can just kind of eyeball it also, or you can use your knife as a guide
so you know its nice and even. And now you just want to cut down the sides
a little bit. Now with this I didn’t cut off the bottom,
because I wanted to make sure it was high enough, so what I’m going to do is flip it,
and I’m now going to actually cut the bottom piece off, just to even it out. You don’t have to cut too much off.I’m just
going to put some icing in here to hold it to the board, and now flip it back. So that looks like it has a good height on
it, and a good round shape. So now we’ll just give this a little icing
and we’ll put it back in the refrigerator just to chill a little bit while I prepare
the fondant. You want to give just enough just to cover
it so it’ll hold our fondant. Right, we’re going to set this back in the
refrigerator while I prepare the fondant.-

26 thoughts on “How to Shape a Soccer Ball Cake | Birthday Cakes

  1. To novice bakers:
    #1: cut and level your cake BEFORE you put it on the cake board

    #2: dirty ice the cake AFTER you carve it. it's easier and doing it before just wastes time and product

    I don't know why I watched this video everything from Howcast is terrible.

  2. Katt Ettman Cake Boss wouldn't know a decently decorated cake from a hole in the ground. Look up Bronwen Weber to see some real cake decorating.

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