How To Save A Penalty Kick | CoachUp Soccer Goalkeeper Tips

How To Save A Penalty Kick | CoachUp Soccer Goalkeeper Tips

Hi I’m Vasili Uspensky, former VCU goalkeeper
and CoachUp Coach. And this is a penalty kick. Now go shag balls. This is Patrick. Patrick is fighting for a
spot on his varsity squad. And today we’re gonna talk about how to stop a penalty kick.
The key to penalty kicks is really all in the timing. If you can anticipate when that
shot’s about to come and dive right beforehand, you’re gonna make your chances of stopping
that shot way better. So when the shooter’s about to strike, watch
for their eyes as they go down to the ball. There’s a split second right after their eyes
have gone down. In that moment, they’ve committed to the shot.

35 thoughts on “How To Save A Penalty Kick | CoachUp Soccer Goalkeeper Tips

  1. I think these videos are great but your not really demonstrating what your talking about and its not really helping me at all and I dont see what anybody can really get out of this

  2. For me it just feels like time slows down I look at the shooter, then both of his feet, and finally the the ball and when he shoots I dive in that direction and end up saving somehow I don't know how but I just roll with it .

  3. A good technique to see which direction the ball is going is if the shooter swings his leg across his body when he strikes the ball or when if he opens up his leg. If he opens up his leg the ball is going to the left and if he swings his leg across his body it is going to the right if he is right footed. the 0:35 mark demonstrates this perfectly. This is how GKs anticipate for the ball. It can be difficult but with training you will be able to read shooters quicker and with much more success and efficiency.

  4. Another way u can tell which way they r going to kick the ball Is if they are right footed they will lean back just before they shoot if they are going to their right and if they are going left they won't lean back… It takes practice and ur reaction time needs to be pretty good. Sorry for the bad language 😨😨

  5. I rly don't get all the hate… I thought these were very helpful at least for me. Thanks for making the video!!!!

  6. If you want to know just search up ars goalkeeping how to save a penalty kick it actually explains how to save it and it works

  7. this is how i do it. i look at the ball, then i look at the kckers kicking foot before he takes the shot, then i dive where the foot was pointing. out of 20 penalty shots they took at me,only about 7 went in

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