How to Redeem Codes on Xbox One – Redeem Xbox Gift Card and Activate Xbox Live Gold Subscription

How to Redeem Codes on Xbox One – Redeem Xbox Gift Card and Activate Xbox Live Gold Subscription

The Xbox has a lot of digital content that
is acquired through the use of codes. In this video I’ll go over how to redeem codes
on Xbox One and where you can confirm that you actually got what you bought or what you
were gifted. As you can see here I have a lot of codes
on these cards and it’s easy to redeem them right on your Xbox. Some codes can come from email too if you
purchased them online. To use your codes log into your GamerTag on
the Xbox, go into the Store and select the Use a Code button. This is the most convenient way and you just
have to type in the 25-digit code here. Any code you have will be redeemed here no
matter what the product is. When you redeem a gift card you can confirm
that you got the money in your account by going to the Payments and Billings tab in
the Settings. You can redeem multiple gift card codes and
the money will just add up in your account. If you want to be able to play multiplayer
games online, you’ll need to redeem an Xbox Live Gold code. Once you’ve redeemed your code you can go
into Settings and look in the Subscriptions tab to confirm that you are actually subscribed
to Xbox Live Gold. The expiration date will also be shown here
so you’ll know when to renew. You can stack up to 3 years or 36 months of
Xbox Live Gold. If you have Xbox Game Pass it will show your
subscription information here also. Another kind of code you might be using is
a code for an actual game or DLC. Again find the Use a Code button and type
in the 25-digit code. Once you do that, you will find your game
by going to the My Games and Apps tab and looking in the Ready to Install area. That’s because the code has unlocked the license
for the game but you still have to download the game file onto the Xbox before you can
play. Codes are also used to redeem DLCs or Downloadable
Content for games you own. Once you have redeemed the code for the DLC,
most of the time it will automatically install into the game. If not, then you have to go to the My Games
and Apps tab, select the game that the DLC belongs to like Forza Horizon 3 in my example. And then on the controller tap the menu button
here. In the pop up menu, scroll down to Manage
Game and hit A. On the left side of the screen select Ready to Install. All your available DLCs will be accessed and
downloaded from here. Just pick the one you want and confirm that
you want to download. And that’s pretty much how to redeem codes
on Xbox One. Now you can also log into your Microsoft account
at and redeem your codes there too. Then later you can go to your Xbox console
and follow the instructions I described for all the different types of codes to confirm
that they were successfully redeemed. There’s really no difference whether you do
it on the console or at But it’s way more convenient to just do it
on the Xbox console itself! If you found this video helpful please give
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64 thoughts on “How to Redeem Codes on Xbox One – Redeem Xbox Gift Card and Activate Xbox Live Gold Subscription

  1. So today I went and bought a $60 Xbox Live GOLD card but I meant to buy a gift card is there anyway I can put the $60 into my Microsoft store account?

  2. I already redeemed a code for minecraft
    But it doesn't appear on Radey to install list
    and when I redeem it again it says
    This code has already been redeemed
    What d I do

  3. Pls can I have a Xbox live code I really want to play and I can't play on PC and my controller does not work on it pls I'm 12 years old I subed and dropped a like pls help

  4. I used my gift card and it dosent work for some reason, I couldn’t play fortnite or anything and besides it was a Xbox live gold!

  5. When I buy an Xbox 360 game it says “page not found” how do I fix that (I have Xbox live gold already)

  6. I bought a 15$ card to buy Xbox love gold but it is asking for a credit card and I have a credit card in my Xbox with no money there for I can’t use the card to buy Xbox gold 😪

  7. I just got my new Xbox one s and whenever I put the code in it says this token has expired or can’t be redeemed but I just got it today. PLEASE HELP

  8. If i have xbox 360 with gold and i want to get the free games for xbox one. How do i get those games so i'll have them when on my library i get an x one🤔 ¡please someone! I dont wanna lose my gears of war 4 😢

  9. So if I get a 3 month with gold or game pass do i need a credit card if I buy it on the xbox home but if i go to get/buy the code at gamestop will I not need a credit card ?

  10. Got a 3 month gold card from Walmart. My code is 24 digits long instead of 25. Misprint or I got scammed? I can’t find info on this issue anywhere.

  11. When I redeem the code it says I'm not logged in even tho I am and when I try to redeem it on my computer it says I have to redeem it on xbox of office site

  12. I baught a 3 month xbox carf and i am reedimimg it but it said it will be converted to 1 month only is it still gonna give me 3 months of gold

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