How to Pronounce ALL 20 English Premier League Football Teams 2017/2018

How to Pronounce ALL 20 English Premier League Football Teams 2017/2018

The football season is back! Ah thank you
so much. I don’t know about you guys but I love football so I thought i’d teach you how
to pronounce the twenty English Premier League teams, the stadiums and the nicknames. So
if you love football and you love learning English, stay tuned. The first team is Arsenal and they play in
North London and their nickname is The Gunners. They are called The Gunners because the club
was started by a group of workers from the Royal Arsenal weapons factory. So it kind
of made sense, their symbol is a canon and so they are called the Gunners. And their
stadium is called the Emirates stadium. Bournemouth. Their stadium is Dean Court and
they are know as The Cherries. This could be because their club colours are cherry coloured
or it could be because the stadium was built on an old cherry orchard. Brighton and Hove Albion. They are a new team
that have just been promoted from the Championship. They are called Brighton and Hove Albion because
that’s where they are from, Brighton and Hove. Their nickname is The Seagulls. They are called
The Seagulls because Brighton is next to the sea and that is the local bird that you see
so often around the city. The Seagulls. And they play at the AMEX stadium. Burnley. They are known as The Clarets because
of the colour of their kit, The Clarets and they play at Turf Moor. Next up we’ve got Chelsea. They are from West
London and they are known as The Blues and they play at Stamford Bridge. Another London team this time in South London,
Crystal Palace. They are known as The Eagles another bird nickname. They play at Selhurst
Park. Next one, Everton. They are in the city of
Liverpool. Their nickname is an amazing one, it’s The Toffees. Now I’ve been told that’s
because of an old sweet shop that was in the area. And they play at Goodison Park. Another
newly promoted team, Huddersfield Town. They play at the John Smith’s stadium and their
nickname is The Terriers. A Terrier is a type of dog, the Yorkshire terrier. Huddersfield
is in the county of Yorkshire so they are called The Terriers. A team you might all know very well Leicester
City. Now they play at the King Power Stadium and they are known as The Foxes. Liverpool. Liverpool play at Anfield and their
nickname is The Reds because their club colour is red. We’ve got two Manchester teams now. The first
one is Manchester City or we commonly say Man City. And in fact their nickname is just
City. Now there are lots of English teams called City but you know this one is probably
the biggest one at the moment so they are know as City. So Man City or City and they
play at the Etihad stadium. The second Manchester team is Manchester United.
Possibly the biggest team in the world. Again we call them Man United or simply United.
Again there are lots of English teams with United as part of their name but this is the
biggest one in the country so Man United or United. They are also known as The Red Devils
and that’s because of having a devil in their badge. They play at Old Trafford. The third promoted team, Newcastle United.
Now they are called the Toon Army. They are known as the Toon Army because in the local
pronunciation of town is toon. So in Newcastle the local people are called Geordies and their
pronunciation of town is toon. So they are the Toon Army, it comes from local pronunciation.
And they play at St James’ Park. Southampton and they are known as The Saints
and they play at St Mary’s. Stoke City. They are known as The Potters and that’s because
the local industry was pottery and they play at the Bet 365 stadium. This is a team from Wales, Swansea City. They
are known as The Swans and they play at the Liberty stadium. Tottenham Hotspur. They are another team from
North London and they play usually at White Hart Lane but this season they are building
a new stadium so for this season only they are playing at Wembley stadium which is the
national stadium for the England football team and where there are all the FA cup finals,
the League Cup finals etc. Now Tottenham Hotspur have a nickname and
that’s Spurs. And they got the name Hotspur from an old Shakespearean character called
Harry Hotspur and I guess Spurs is a shortened version of Hotspur, it’s an easier way to
say it. And they are known as Spurs so you’ll often hear people saying ‘Spurs are playing
Manchester United tomorrow’ so Spurs. Watford. They are known as The Hornets and
they play at Vicarage Road. West Bromwich Albion they are known as West Brom and their
nickname is The Baggies. They play at The Hawthorns. And finally West Ham United or simply West
Ham. They play at the London stadium which is the old Olympic stadium and their nickname
is The Hammers and that’s because they were founded by shipbuilders who used hammers to
build the ships. So The Hammers. Alright guys, that’s all twenty English Premier
League football teams for the 2017 and 2018 season. Now let me know in the comments below
which team is your favourite? Who do you support? Let me know in the comments below, yeah I’d
love to hear. Guys make sure to check out my videos every Tuesday and every Friday.
Brand new English lessons just for you so you can take your English to the next level.
Thank you so much for watching this is Tom, the English Hipster, saying goodbye.

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  1. thanks, i'm not a fan, but i like watching football. I support ukrainian football team Shakhtar, among English teams as for me Manchester City is the best

  2. I am here because I love football as well hahahahaha. Finally the Permier League starts this weekend.
    Thanks for the video.

  3. I used to love English football. After all, England is the home country of that beautiful game. But unfortunately, the Premier League has lost its authenticity, with very few British players left, with modern stadiums looking like concert halls and wearing the name of the owner,… Although I'm not a fan of any English team, I liked Man Utd and Aston Villa in the early 90s. By the way, aren't the Newcastle players nicknamed the magpies?

  4. I'm a big fan of Liverpool and Steven Gerrard <3. This video is apparently useful, hope to see more videos about how to pronounce names of famous football players.

  5. I support Sampdoria in Italy and Chelsea in England… What about you? ;-).. Ah! The Spurs as I've just read below…. I think the winner will be probably Chelsea or… Or… How is difficult to admit it! The United… Do you agree?

  6. Swansea is not in England even if they play for the English league, same in France for Monaco. Anyway do you know why Sheffield Wednesday is called Wednesday and why their nickname is The Owls. Yes I know, the Owls and the Blades, we haven't see them in Premier league since a century….


  8. My favourite team is Chelsea FC and also they'll win the league this season again (:

    Regards from Costa Rica and you're an excellent teacher 🙌🙌

  9. Bundesliga fan here, but I enjoy EPL as well. Liverpool FC is my fav, but I enjoy watching Man City as well. Moraes is a great goalkeeper!

  10. I've never watched your channel before this video tonight. Although I commend yours efforts to propagate correct prononciations, I must make two criticisms: 1.the slovenly way you pronounce your L's like a W (as many people, slovenlily do, me included, in informal conversation) when the L sound isn't followed by a vowel sound. You nearly always do this each time it crops up in this video. A BAD EXAMPLE. 2. Here and there (although you generally made an affort not to) you dropped a T or two, I noticed this when you said White Hart Lane.
    Take care about these things in future. I live abroard and often have to demonstrate correct prononciations and have to take carenot to do those things.
    YOU're supposedly demonstrating English to who knows how many people and being a little too sloppy for the job. I'm sure you can do better, take care in future and don't make things harder for others who are trying to do the same thing elsewhere.
    Nanoo nanoo, over and out.

  11. Newcastle United (‘NyuhCASSEL (not NEWcarsuhw) United’ – our nickname is NOT the Toon Army (that’s the supporters not the club). The club’s nickname is either The Magpies (due to playing in Black & White) or The Toon because we play in Newcastle city centre, which is known locally as ‘The Toon’ (which does mean The Town).

  12. Dude, you move ur tongue quite a lot. U r a case of over-pronunciation. Also, add subtitles and don't pronounce each and every word twice. Btw United fan here. Cheerio.

  13. I'm a premier league fan. I'm fond of football, l actually prefer some teams to others, but l love the way they play. I heard the queen is a fan of arsenal is it right?

  14. Hi, Salutes from Brazil…. I love your videos… and love England´s football too… Please do this with the others divisions… Sorry my bad english i´m learn yet.

  15. manchester united is biggest team in the world? biggest team my ass, probably the biggest bus in the world

  16. Come On You Spurs!! Man I love your videos but didn't expect a football one, keep with the good job mate and greetings from Mexico! 🙂

  17. Nah the biggest football team in the world I must admit sadly is Real Madrid (I'm a Barcelona fan), next would be Barcelona, followed by ARGUABLY Manchester United, although personally i would put City, Liverpool, PSG, and Juventus before them as of now. Man United have been below par for YEARS now.

  18. I knew all of them from Italian
    Ps: You have a great championship, I follow him very much. My favorite team in Premier is Arsenal

  19. Thanks for this, I work at a University in the USA and this can help me relate better with the international people I work with.

  20. I support Crystal Palace FC (we, the supporters, were also called the Glaziers in the past).
    Could you please give us the pronunciation of Aston Villa, please ? Thank you in advance.

  21. Manchester United's nickname is Red Devils like you said yes but the other nickname it's not United, we often refer to them as Manu ( pronounced as menu).

    E.g Spurs lost to Manu yesterday

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