How to Play Wide Receiver in Football : How to Turn Up Field after Catching a Football


Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
Once our receiver has run a good route, once they’ve made the catch we want them to get
out of the tackle and be able to score a touchdown. One of the most effective ways that we’ve
seen to score touchdowns is to throw short patterns and have our guys get quickly up
field and avoid the tackles. We’re going to use the come back route but you can use this
with any route you run. Once the wide receiver comes out and has broken off his pattern and
he turns and makes the catch then we want him to quickly his shoulders up field. He
can either spin to the outside putting the ball in his outside hand so he doesn’t take
a hit and fumble the ball on the inside. He could also spin the other way, to the inside,
and keep the ball in his outside hand. The reason this works so well is that most of
the time your defensive backs and linebackers come screaming up trying to make a big hit.
He can spin out of it and most of the time the defenders will run past it and miss the
tackle and it will turn into a big gain. Make sure once you make the catch you get your
shoulders up field and try to run as far as you can.

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