How to Play Soccer : Throw In Technique in Soccer for Beginners

How to Play Soccer : Throw In Technique in Soccer for Beginners

For beginners proper throwing technique is
very important. The ball always has to be at the back of your head and come forward
clean. It can’t come from the sides like this. That is an illegal throw. You can’t
throw it with one hand it has to be both. So throws like this okay or this are not legal.
There are two kinds that I would like to demonstrate. The first is just a short throw-in you want
to keep your feet together your heels down that is the most important part. Find your
target, hands back and thrust through. Second type of throw-in is used for a long throw-in.
Perhaps you are backed up in your own end and you need to clear the space a little bit.
For this it is one step, plant that left foot and I want you to drag your right as you are
throwing. It is very important when you are doing either throw-in to keep your feet on
the ground okay. If you do not do this the referee will award a throw-in for the other
team and you will lose possession. So for the short throw heels back always on the ground
coming through but don’t lift your heels keep them on there. When you drag your foot
do not lift your foot. For the long throw keep the drag.

40 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : Throw In Technique in Soccer for Beginners

  1. This guy might wana watch a premiership game and see how they throw before he starts coaching no offense :s

  2. this man does not represent north american soccer in any way, shape or form, Any footballer in NA is ashamed of him and would like to apoligize for the world on his behalf.

  3. What if your a girl and throwing in. Keeping your feet together throws you off balance. Girls have better balance with feet apart to compensate for their wider hips.

  4. he is yust teaching kids so dont say anything you fukers if you are going to say bad words than yust dont visit this website

  5. he does everything bad..i´m embarrased for this guy,he believe that he play football enought well to teach it
    my little cousin play much better that this clown

  6. I'd talk big if i was padded up like the AF players, and its funny how, American footballers and fans alike will pick on Soccer as a pansy sport, when Rugby is a lot closer to American Football. watch the 70 Rugby league world cup Final "THE BATTLE OF LEEDS" enough to make most men cry. And the Battle of Santiago in 62 Italy vs Chile, i dont think american football gets that nasty.

  7. Ckullberg….common dude…you gotta know when you talkin through your ass….it's completely different…anybody can catch or throw a ball…takes real skill if u can use your feet..

  8. fptnyc, your comment doesnt make any sence. but the guy in vid is funny. you americans dont know shit about football.

  9. people get offended because the game was not invented in Canada or america…. when it was invented it was called football…. it was invented a looooooooong time before what Americans and canadians call football (american football) was invented. so the rest of the world does not see why America and canada wants to call it what it wants. The inventors called it football lets keep the name as football. Thanks… My opinion

  10. Don't you all think you should leave that to the people that actually invented the sport not to some twits.

  11. @MegaFastalex naa its rly easy, i hate when people try to teach things in sports like this with every details cuz it makes me think to much about wut to do and just screws me up. should come more naturally.
    so…any1 know if a flip throw in is legal?

  12. @Layiloe I think that so long both feet are on the ground behind the line when the ball is thrown it is a legal throw in even if you do a flip throw in

  13. both it just depends im the best thrower in my school and i play center d so i always throw the ball in on either side of the field.

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