How to Play Soccer : Soccer: Drag Swerve

How to Play Soccer : Soccer: Drag Swerve

Hi, I’m Chris Murray, and I’m going to demonstrate
to you on how to do a drag swerve. In soccer, there’s many different moves that you can
do in order to fake out your defenders, and also to change direction. By being able to
change direction quickly and at a split-second, it really gives you an edge over your opponents.
Often and times, players dribble into areas of the field where there’s a lot of defenders
and they need to get out of there extremely quickly. A drag swerve can allow you to do
that. A drag swerve is done by pulling the ball at the sole of your foot in front of
your body, and then using the outside of your foot quickly to take it the other way. So,
if you’re dribbling forward, a drag swerve is done by using the sole of your foot to
take it forward, and then before your foot hits the ground again, you take it back with
the outside of that foot. By being able to do a drag swerve quickly and at a split-second
really gives you an edge over your opponent by being able to get out of that trouble area
and find your next pass or move on to your next move. So again, a drag swerve is done
by pulling the ball forward, and then, before your foot hits the ground, taking it back
in the opposite direction. And that’s how you do a drag swerve.

28 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : Soccer: Drag Swerve

  1. In the description it says it should be done on a fast speed, but i dont think the speed u've done is considered "fast"..
    Any videos with faster speed so that we can refer to??
    Anyway thanks.

  2. i wouldent be i would cip the ball to pass it to the person behind me that is on my team and tell them to pass it back then i would take it up and score

  3. just because something is beautiful doesn't mean it can't be mathematical. leonardo da vinci used math in his paintings and i'd say that his paintings are still beautiful

  4. @yodoo17

    are predators worth it ? can u shoot the ball where u want it to go ? hmph ? i was thinking of getting it (=

  5. @Rajey that just means he's hiding something..,.either lying or he don't believe his own words or something deceptive….

  6. stop making silly video's there are reall experts who can do alot better then this stupidy and then i talk about the other video's like kungfu or doing excercises Americans are not European Football players it does look hopeless.

  7. there are to types of humen
    1. Who can play football
    2. Who cannot play football,
    so it is something which is comming from the birth..

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