How to Play Soccer : How to Trap a Soccer Ball With the Chest

How to Play Soccer : How to Trap a Soccer Ball With the Chest

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez, I coach youth
soccer. You know a lot of people always ask me how do you trap the ball with your chest,
and so today I will be talking to you a little bit about that. First of all, let me differentiate
between trapping the ball with your chest and receiving the ball. Trapping is actually
the ball comes to you, okay, and you control it and bring it down. While receiving the
ball is, the ball comes at you, you actually get the ball at your chest, and redirect the
ball into a different direction. Which soccer coaches emphasize that. Emphasize more on
the receiving rather than the trapping. I just wanted to differentiate the two. However,
there are times when the ball is traveling very fast and so the first goal in mind is
to trap it, which is to stop the ball right at you, so you don’t lose possession of that
ball. So how do you do–how do you trap the ball with your chest? Well, you want to keep
your feet balanced, shoulder-width apart. You want to come up with your arms next to
your sides. As the ball is coming down at you, you want to come back from the trunk
of your body, okay, and the ball is coming at you closer, you bring your shoulder forwards,
and you make a concave motion to cushion the ball in your chest. Because if you keep your
chest out, the ball will just bounce away from you. So the ball comes down, you bring
your shoulders forward, concave your back, and bring that ball down so that you can trap
it and control it with your feet. Now, sometimes the ball is coming a little high, so you want
to jump. And instead of being back, you actually want to bring your body forward a little bit
so that you can bring that ball down and control it. So that’s when the ball is coming high.
If the ball is coming down, that’s when you do bring back, shoulders forward, bring the
ball down. Okay, so that’s how you trap a soccer ball with your chest.

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