How to Play Soccer : How to Set Up a Goal Kick

How to Play Soccer : How to Set Up a Goal Kick

Hi, I’m Chris Murray, and I’m going to tell
you how to set up a goal kick. In soccer, there are many different ways to restart the
game when the ball goes out of bounds. One particular way to restart the game is a goal
kick. A goal kick is given when the attacking team kicks the ball over the defending team’s
end line. A goal kick is usually taken by the defending team’s goalkeeper. By the…by
the goalkeeper taking this goal kick, it allows for the other 10 players on the field to get
higher up the field and win the ball on their opponent’s half. Usually, all 10 players will
be lined up in their normal positions more narrow than they usually be if they were attacking.
By them being more narrow into the middle of the field, this allows them to have more
numbers around the ball in order to win the ball initially, or to at least win the second
ball. It’s very important for the goalkeeper to be able to kick the ball into the other
half of the field. By him being able to do so, this allows for their team to be on the
attack closer to the other team’s goal, and that’s just how you set up a goal kick.

5 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : How to Set Up a Goal Kick

  1. i know how to kick it i just cant get it of the ground high enough. it usually doesnt go to the other half of the field either.

  2. Seriously, this is more like how to lecture your extremely bored friends about goal kicks, not how to take them.

  3. This is stupid. let me teach you how to do a goal kick, im a goal keeper in my college.

    Step 1: if you're a right leg kicker, move 3 steps to your left.
    Step 2: Move up and approach the ball properly, make sure your left leg is 1 foot away from the ball, so that you have space to whack the ball.
    Step 3: Swing ur leg, all the way back.
    Step 4: When about to kick the ball, Hit the bottom half of the ball and LOCK YOUR ANKLE WHILE DOING THAT !!!!!!!! AND LEAN slight to ur left and lean backwards.

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