How to Play Soccer : How to Kick Punt a Soccer Ball

How to Play Soccer : How to Kick Punt a Soccer Ball

Hi, I’m Chris Murray and I’m going to tell
you how to punt a soccer ball. In soccer there are many different ways to kick a ball. Oftentimes
a goalie is the only person that punts the soccer ball. The goalkeeper starts with the
ball in his hands and drops the ball, and kicks it while it’s on the way down. Unlike
a drop kick, when the goalkeeper drops the ball, has it bounce, and kicks it on the way
up, this time the goalkeeper is kicking it as it’s coming down from his hands. By punting
the soccer ball this allows the goalkeeper to be able to send the ball all the way down
the field to relieve pressure from his own team. The one thing with kicking a soccer
ball is that it’s very hard for his teammates to control. By punting the soccer ball, it
goes very high in the air as well as it does far. The higher the ball goes in the air,
the harder it is for a player to bring it down and control it when it comes down. By
punting the soccer ball, this allows your team to advance up the field and be able to
start with the ball in the other team’s half of the field. And that’s just how you kick
punt a soccer ball.

54 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : How to Kick Punt a Soccer Ball

  1. whats up with the *cough…cough* all the time?
    he never told us HOW to punt a soccer ball, he just told us how punting a ball effect gameplay

  2. i first i thought u just had 2 kick the ball
    but this guy has made it clearer thx
    nah seriously this is not a complex skill a fucking 2 year could do it y the fuck r u showing this shit

  3. it's no wonder yanks can't play football, they're taught to overthink everything!! just kick the f**king ball whichever way feels natural. skills will develop over time.

  4. @17nitox did your dad forced you to play that "mens" sport called "football" and its not football if you are playing whit your hands grow up kid.

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  6. @sitakollsitt dumbass
    you are supposed to wear pads..those are rules
    just like soccer u wear shin guards like girls
    but we don't wear them when we play just with r friends
    we just tackle each other without protection
    unlike u guyz . u would fall on purpose to get a free kick

  7. @sitakollsitt are you kidding??? our football actually has contact, and when someone touches them they dont need a stretcher and an oxygen tank. i like soccer, but for the love of God please dont say they are tough.

  8. @Total90Football4 dude r u stupid….every high school….soccer is popular for girls only…and american football is a popular sport for men

  9. @Total90Football4 dude soccer is a girl sport where players love to dive and claim is a violent and aggressive sport for REAL TOUGH MEN!!!!!


    The guy talks like some guys holding a gun on him
    Also he dosetn even show shit, he just expains.

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