How to Play Soccer : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

How to Play Soccer : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez, I coach soccer.
Today, I’ll be talking to you about how to shoot a soccer ball. So, first of all you
want to concentrate on your body mechanics that is very important. You want to point
your toes down and lock your ankle, that’s very important. Then you have your supporting
leg which comes right next to the ball. As you approach the ball you want to actually
fix your eye on the spot, normally on a spot, on the ball. Normally that’s through the middle
of the ball, so it would be the the equator line. OK, and then as you come forward your
kicking leg, your knee comes over the ball that will give it some power, and you move
your upper body forward. OK, finally, OK, so you have your supporting foot, you’re looking
at the ball when you’re kicking it, knee over the ball, kick the ball on with this motion.
And that’s how you kick a soccer ball.

16 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

  1. The approach is correct but the ball isn't hitting the right spot. Americans need to stop making videos when they are showing kids incorrectly.

  2. I notice that no professional strikes the ball with just the laces. That would keep the ball low and straight but, give you no power. Even in your demo video, you strike the ball with the side and lace part or just the side of the foot. Does anyone else notice this in all the training videos? I have yet to see anyone follow through like u did in slow-motion

  3. I'm am very frustrated I can do precision shots.

    When Ever I try to do Hard shots. I always bust my toes! on the ground, or it goes over the net…
    Anyone have advice 🙁

  4. @ReLaPzEClan Do it I would but I move every 6 months so I can't join take advantage of it and do it even if you're not as good as your team mates. Because playing with better people makes you better.

  5. I am one of 44,000 people who clicked the link "how to kick a soccer ball."
    Next ill go check how to stand up. Or even how to breath

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