How to Play Soccer : How to Head a Soccer Ball

How to Play Soccer : How to Head a Soccer Ball

Hi my name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach youth
soccer and today I’ll be talking to you about how to head the soccer ball. We head the soccer
ball for different reasons throughout the game. You can head the ball defensively or
offensively. To start with just a simple header, we want to concentrate on the ball. We want
to hit it right towards the middle with the front part of our face, the forehead so right
above the eye line and before the hair line. It is important to remember not to hit the
ball with your head because that could be dangerous. As the ball comes to you, you want
to keep your eyes open. That is the most important thing. Keep your eyes open. Then you want
to put one foot in front and one foot back to keep your balance, keep your arms out,
be careful with that so that as the ball comes down or a player comes around you don’t commit
a foul. You want to look at the ball and do back motion moving forward starting from the
trunk of your body so not just with your neck. It starts with your trunk of your body coming
forward in this motion. Again keep a good eye on the ball as the ball comes down, get
on the line of the ball, the line where it is traveling so you are right on the ball
and head it in a good direction. It is important as you hit the ball to watch how you are landing.
You can actually hit the ball standing or jumping so again be careful how you land to
avoid any injury. To hit the ball offensively you actually want to hit the ball with the
upper part of the ball and actually hit it going down and again you use the same motion,
come back, arms out and hit the ball down. Why down? Because that makes it more complicated
for goalies to stop a ball going down then a ball going in a straight line. So you want
to again use your forehead, open your eyes, look at the ball and hit it down. Defensively
you actually want to hit the ball out of the way, far away. You want to do that so that
the other team doesn’t get possession of the ball and then cause a counterattack that could
be dangerous for you. So for that you actually want to get the ball high on the air, jump,
use the trunk of your body, keep an eye on the ball, hit it and instead of the high section
which is how we distinguish offensively versus defensively you are actually hitting the lower
part of the ball to make it go up away from the goal and with a lot of power. That is
how you hit a soccer ball.

26 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : How to Head a Soccer Ball

  1. dam, now you tell me not to hit it with the top of my head. Yesterday I did that and I felt as if my skull was going to shatter and I felt dizzy.

  2. i can play soccer very well but when it comes to head the ball i can't do it at all i mean i can defensively hit the ball getting it away but i never manage to direct it someway with my forhead

  3. im a defender and i have to head our opponents keepers kickouts away, no thanks it hurts like hell and studies show it can damage the brain

  4. thx for the help. i just started playing soccer and it still hurts when i head the ball. any other tips or do i just need to man up? haha

  5. @QuickScopiing every country around the world kno soccer man. im from north africa and we r experts in soccer

  6. First- I am American and I only call it soccer because for the first year I played, I was told that football was an incorrect term.
    Second- "you can actually head the ball standing or jumping…" NO WAY!!! I though you had to be sitting…lol

  7. who cares if its called soccer or football, dammit! its just a damn NAME! im american and i have no clue why we didnt call the american football soccer because you dont even use your feet in american football

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