How to Play Soccer : How to Do Youth Soccer Stretches


Hi. My name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach soccer
and today I’ll be talking to you about how to do proper stretching. So first we want
to emphasize how important it is to the players stretching because in the game of soccer there
is a lot of turning and movement. And so to avoid any injury you want to make sure that
the players are loose and ready to play the game. First we start in a circle. That creates
good team spirit and so I will form the circle just the way we are right now. So boys lets
open up our legs okay? Get a little loose. Open up a little bit more. Then they’re going
to bend forward slowly as their hands touch the grass. So bend forward down boys with
your hands. Yeah. And then they will start counting as a group to 15 or 20. Okay. Boys
stand up straight slowly. Okay. So that stretches the hamstring which is really important to
stretch. Then I will have the boys do their quads. Again slowly boys we pick up one leg.
Okay. And hold it up for 20 seconds. If we cannot keep the balance on this kind of stretching,
so what I emphasize the player just stare at one item, one thing so that they will keep
their balance. And if I tell the players look at me when you do the stretching they should
be able to hold it for a little longer. Okay. Natiel can you do your other leg as well?
Yeah. And look at me as you do it. Nico? Okay. So we bend our knees normally. We put one
foot forward and hold the stretch on the back. That will stretch the calf for them. Okay.
Again count to 20 or 25, 15. Then we will switch legs and do the other leg. Okay. So
this is very important. Some coaches don’t stress stretching for this age but however
it develops a good habit as the players get older to constantly stretch all the parts
of the body. So after we have worked on all the lower areas of our body we work on our
upper body which can include the neck and shoulders. And then you can do those stretches
that is static which is with no movement, standing in one place. Or dynamically which
is actually moving slowly to get everything through the groins a good warm up. And that’s
how you do properly do soccer stretching.

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