How to Play Soccer : How to Do a Drop Kick as a Goalie

How to Play Soccer : How to Do a Drop Kick as a Goalie

Hi, I’m Chris Murray and I’m going to show
you how to dropkick a soccer ball as a goalie. Being the goalkeeper there are many different
ways to kick the ball out of your hands. One way to kick the ball is to dropkick. Many
goalkeepers like to dropkick the ball because it allows them to be more accurate. Also when
you dropkick the ball, it doesn’t go so high in the air and it could also go further. Because
it’s not going so high in the air it can drop while on the line, and be able to travel further
down the field. The more accurate the goalkeeper is when he dropkicks a soccer ball is very
good. In order to dropkick the soccer ball the goalkeeper starts with the ball in his
hands. He drops the ball, and as the ball comes back up, he kicks it off the bounce.
So if I was to drop the soccer ball, I would kick the ball as it came back up off the bounce.
Being able to do this and time the ball right can ensure you that you kick the ball at its
best point. By hitting the ball in the middle can allow it to go as further – as far as
possible. Again, when I drop the soccer ball I hit it in the middle so it could travel
the furthest. And that’s how you dropkick your soccer ball as a goalie.

34 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : How to Do a Drop Kick as a Goalie

  1. yo don't have to, and this way i feel is harder to master, but if a better way of punting. but whether you kick it out of the air, or let it bounce, do what is more comfortable

  2. what happened at 0:34 lol lets touch the neck right and left lol is that a game and the camera man is copying what you do or he did it and then you did the same thing!!! xD lol!!!

  3. the first time i dropped kick a soccer ball when i was goalie…..THE SOCCER BALL WENT UP TO THE SKY IT WAS AWESOME!!!!…….i've been defense alot but first time being goalie is awesome! goalies are really fun to play

  4. lol, he doesn't even know that it's called a FOOTBALL, not a "soccer ball".

    Taking football lessons from an American is like saying eating at McDonalds is a world class culinary experience.

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