How to Play Soccer : How to Chip a Soccer Ball

How to Play Soccer : How to Chip a Soccer Ball

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez, I coach soccer.
Today, I’ll be talking to you about how to chip a soccer ball. First of all why do we
chip a soccer ball? We want to chip a soccer ball because sometimes you have a perfect
pass, but the defendant is right in the middle of your way, so, you just cannot do the straight
pass to him. So, you would actually want to put the ball over their heads, which that’s
what’s called chipping the ball so, the ball takes an ark motion, goes pass the defender,
so that your team mate can receive the ball. The body mechanics for chipping a ball is
basically, you’re approachable to the side, your none kicking foot comes right to the
side of the ball, you put your kicking foot underneath the ball with pointing your three
toes, inside toes, underneath the ball while you do a quick motion of kicking the ball
to lift it. Now, it’s important that you don’t bring your body forward cause that will keep
the ball low, you actually want to lean you body backwards a little bit. OK, as you kick
the ball you don’t, you want time and precision of the pass and you, also, want to see how
much power you need to put on that ball to make sure that your team mate receives an
accurate pass. So, here again you watch your supporting foot, you come behind the ball,
you do a quick swing to the ball, and that should create a back spin. A back spin is
good, for chip pass, because that will make your team mate be able to receive the ball
more easily. So, that’s how you do chipping the ball.

91 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : How to Chip a Soccer Ball

  1. You're not really playing with the toe, you're just getting the toes under the ball. Also, the chip isn't supposed to be a powerful kick anyway.

  2. Maybe I'm stupid lol but show me a video please…

    Pros use the inside (near of toes yes but not toes because toes could broke if te hit is missed^^) of foot to chip the ball with control and power

    Sorry I'm french lol so please deal with my "anglais" lol

  3. "Thats how you do a chipping the ball" Haha i like the way this guy talks its great. I dont mean to offend him but his accent is just cool

  4. OMG your toe is NECESSARY to do a chip. You people who say that it's the worst advice ever don't know what your talking about. If you've been doing chips without your toes you've been doing them wrong.

  5. The term originated in England, and I dont think you are going to convince millions of americans to call it football any time soon so live with it. I gave up on this a long time ago.

  6. lol… Your right, soccer is a british word for it as well as football. It don't really matter what you call it. It's a great game.

  7. Are you crazy!?!?
    Never chip the ball like this guy! Using this finger the ball will go to any place, and you will be a loser…. haha

  8. dnt fight wth him he wnts to help people.
    Some other people dont know how to do it.
    So if any one who commented a bad commed know ths wy he watched this video. At the end shup every one.

  9. ¿? common! r u actually gonna say that he speaks english well??? by the way, I have an accent too and I´m humble enough to aknowledge that my english is not great, I WAS JUST SAYING WHAT MY THOUGHTS WERE and to me it sounded funny, SORRY to have offended you so much….by the way, good luck in the world cup, I hope Egipt qualifies

  10. i don't think he's italian. his surname is gomez. gomez is a latin, spanish surname. i have never seen an italian with gomez as their last name.

  11. I don't think that someone can learn how to play football from the internet and youtube. The best way is training .

  12. Quote for the last 7seconds of this – "thats how you do eh chip, chip, eh chip, eh chip chipping the ball"

  13. @AsherAuditore he means in a sense that ur team mate is completely alone or has a perfect time to recive the ball easily and freely aslong as the defender that stands in between dont get the ball so put it over him

  14. you can easy chip a ball even when moving forward with the body, lol… it's about technique!… videos like this is stupid, if you've played alot of football, then you don't need cra like this! 😀

  15. @all those people mocking about the guys accent: you know you laugh a lot about his spanish accent and even say that he cant say things right, well then i dare you to learn spanish which is a difficult language by the way and then have the balls to post a video on youtube explaining something….you dont like it when the same thing happens to you huh?Respect others as u would like to be respected!

  16. @JAH9495 we really don't care, they mean the same thing. Soccer/football is an international sport, and therefore should be allowed to be called both, and it is allowed.

  17. @JAH9495 You really think that the US are the only ones that call it soccer? Matter of fact about half the world call it soccer, go do you research.

  18. why dont you americans just watch the video and stop complaining about the accent… i could understand him and english isnt my main lenguaje. besides at least we try speaking english so you americans can understand, the whole world could easily just make a soccer video in their own lenguaje, and without other countries making videos in english america wouldnt get better at soccer, since their country isnt good at it… and most americans prefer dying before learning another lenguaje.

  19. i hav 2 say its good but while playin only new skill tricks and heross arise

    nt just learning frm some video


  20. @helloxlove3214 people are mad because this is a SOCCER tutorial. America is the only country to use the word SOCCER. Everywhere else, it's football.

  21. @dudeman12343 America's isn't the only country to use SOCCER. In Australia and New Zealand it's mostly called Soccer.

  22. Who cares what the game is called. As in romeo and juliet " a rose would still be as sweet if its name wasn't rose." Football is still as awesome even if we call it soccer!!!!

  23. Soccer is an English term, a derivation of the full name "AsSOCiation Football." "Football" is a generic term for games involving kicking a ball to score (e.g. American football, rugby, Gaelic football). America simply adopted the name "soccer" for Association Football because they already had a popular game called "football." Many other regions do the same thing for their own respective football games. It just shows ignorance to get upset over how it's titled, ignoring the information given.

  24. lol never said I was from America you twat. JOKES ON YOU!!!! But even if i was, they seem better off in certain aspects than many different parts of the world at this moment.

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