How to Play Soccer : How to Buy a Soccer Ball

How to Play Soccer : How to Buy a Soccer Ball

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez, I coach youth
soccer. You know one of the questions that parents always ask me is how do you buy a
soccer ball? Well, my answer to them is alway to go by what the league requirements are.
So that depends what age category the player’s going to be at. Normally, balls come in three
sizes. You have five, four, and three. Size three, and it’s always shown on the ball,
so in case you want to find out how the ball is–the size of the ball is shown on the ball.
It’s actually, we can see right here, it’s number three. It’s normally for players eight
years or younger. So the younger the player, the smaller the ball is. Then we’ll move to
the next category, which is a size four. And that normally is for players about eight to
twelve. Might be eight through eleven. And then we move to the size five, which is for
twelve years and older, including adults–including for adult playing as well. So, once you determine
the size, then you’ve got to decide, how serious are you about the game? Because soccer balls
can be a little expensive. If you’re in youth soccer, my recommendation is to actually just
get a practice or training ball. And again, I can describe that a little bit in three
categories. You have professional match balls, which are the balls that they use in international
tournaments such as the World Cup. These balls are very expensive. They meet all the FIFA
requirements. And they have the sponsor logo of that international organization on the
ball. Then you have the other group of balls, which is the match balls. That’s what they
use in college or high school. These are very good balls again. Not as expensive as the
international soccer balls for the international matches. But they’re still to be a little
bit expensive. And then we move into the lower end category, which is the recreational or
training balls, which is what we have here today. All these three balls are in three
different sizes, and they’re all for training. One thing to note is that the quality of the
ball doesn’t necessarily improve by the price. So, sometimes you might be paying just for
a logo, or because you’re buying a ball that has the logo of a soccer team. So that could
be, you know, if you’re buying a ball that has the logo of a very well known club, then
the price might be a little higher. So normally for youth soccer I recommend to buy balls
that are about, in the price range of about twenty dollars. You can buy a good training
ball that ranges in the price of fifteen to thirty dollars. I wouldn’t spend more than
twenty-five actually. You know, as a coach I go through so many balls, you know sometimes
they get left in a park or sometimes people kick them and we forget to pick them up, and
then the next day we go to the park and they’re no longer there. So, you know, it’s just you’re
going to through a lot of balls. My suggestion is just to buy your regular training soccer
ball. That’s good enough for young players. And just, you know, watch what your coaches
are requiring for your player to have. So, I hope this helps you. So good luck buying
a soccer ball next time.

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  1. @djdecker543 no idiot, they'll consider it as the literal term FOOTBALL not "soccer" that has complete irrelevance to what the sport actually is. All you did was STEAL our sport's name and give it to your piece of shit sport

  2. t90 strike is around £8. So $15 odd. Only buy nike or addidas puma if too me used outdoors. don't have padding until the age of 13.

  3. 1/ Select ball
    2/ Remove currency from wallet
    3/ Give to cashier
    4/ Leave store with goods

    That's how to buy a soccer ball…

  4. players ages 6 and younger should work w/ size three (3). no offense, I work w/ kids in soccer and size 4 is best to get them used to moving a heavier ball quicker. plus its more cost effective. 3

  5. maybe it was called soccer in the first place and your people stole our name and got lazy so they just started calling it football….nobody cares but you guys tho call it what ever you want cuz no one actually cares you could fucking call it "the ball game" IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER" geeez get a life you are arguing about a fucking game how do you sound "pettiness"

  6. You're obviously an ignorant moron who is clueless about everything. This game has been called football for centuries, every country in the world has called it that. Wonder why there is a world cup and no special tournament for your so called American football? Because the real football is important the rest doesn't matter. Your people are the thieves not mine, oh and go back and get an education I only understood the first part and even that was a bit difficult to understand.

  7. im a size 4-4.5 what size football should i get (or soccer ball for you americans) im 11 BTW so im tiny as fuck for my age

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