How to Play Running Back in Football : How to Spin as a Running Back

How to Play Running Back in Football : How to Spin as a Running Back

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about now is a little technique you can use called the hit and spin.
After our running back is the one to initiate the contact, because you always want to be
the person hitting and not the person getting hit, we want him to initiate contact and get
the defender off balance. Once he does that and gets the defender off balance we want
him to spin out and try to pick up as much additional yardage as he can. This is a good
move made famous by Barry Saunders. He was always spinning out of tackles. It also makes
it very hard for someone to wrap you up. You can always pick up positive yardage. The first
key to this play is to initiate contact first (video demo). He is now initiating the contact
which is going to make this guy stand up a little off balance. Once he initiates the
contact we want him to spin off. As he spins off he’s covered the ball up and now he’ll
tuck into the outside arm. Now that he’s free he’s going to look up the field, he’s going
to get himself squared back up and he’s going to take off up the field and try to get as
much yardage as he possibly can. (Video demo, not full speed but a little quicker than previous
demo.) There’s the hit, there’s the spin, he stays up field with good balance. It’s
a great technique to use to get positive yardage as a running back.

73 thoughts on “How to Play Running Back in Football : How to Spin as a Running Back

  1. Basic shit most RB know, im a RB all these come second nature to me when im handed the ball. You can't teach some1 to be a good RB. Theres only two kinds of RB once who know they are the shit and make things happen and then once who think they are the shit just cause his on the team doing nothing.

  2. im tight end and, just to make a point, im not the biggest guy out there….but when i get the ball i do magic… i take a pass to the outside, feel the tackle, and spin to the inside, leaving the corner AND safety back :]]]

  3. Chancellor your right and wrong you can't teach sum1 to be a good runningback but you can teach them the skills to help them be a better runningback however how they use the skills is what makes them a good or bad runningback

  4. Can someone name me all the 'plays' or 'game plans' that includes a runningback in them?
    please and thank you.
    whats a Z play ipion right ?

  5. Ya me and my friend were playing i think yesterday and he came up to spin me and i hit him and the wrong moment and he was down for like 15 minutes…so the moral is if your a small running back you can probably out run a lineman or line backer if you get out of the back quick enough lol.

  6. ur meant to spin as ur going down towards the ground, this is assuming that uve been tackled not to break tackles, watch some vids of justin fargas running he almost always spins just as hes goin down and it gets an extra yard or two

  7. u guys think i am a good running back?
    run 100m in 13.5 sec. i can dodge
    5'6 128lbs.. or 130lbs .. bench 150

  8. @franklin8632
    oh bro. i forgot to mention i am gettin in freshman year on 2010-2011.
    and thanks for the motivation man. i really appreciate

  9. Yeah, im a pro running back 18 years old my weight is 171 pounds.. Im sure I can just run into my oppenents who is 25 years old and has a weight of 240 pounds and spin though them.. I mean lol these tips will get me killed

  10. He doesn't mention that occasionally this doesn't work if don't have above average strength. It'd be a dick type of thing to say but it's great advice.

  11. @Ollie Barber
    Hey, know it all, it was a drill simplified down so you can see every basic move. Not full speed practice or gameday scenario.

  12. Because football gloves actually make your hands colder so when you're playing during the summer, they aren't so sweaty.

  13. That running back would get fucked up if he played against me becuz he run so damn high, and doesn't tuck… I kno he's going half speed, but still

  14. hi im 5'8 5'9 in the 7 grade and i wanna play running back i run a 4.56 in the 40 yard dash and weigh 123 am i to tall?

  15. hi im 5'8 5'9 in the 7 grade and i wanna play running back i run a 4.56 in the 40 yard dash and weigh 123 am i to tall?

  16. I'm 5'5 I weigh 135 pounds. I'm not the fastest but when it comes to tackling, I can break them easily. Should I still go try out for running back even though I'm not that fast?

  17. Look at this running back leading with his head your a horrible football coach and your guys would never get any yardage and your saying that a middle line backer is gonna be off balance and standing up straight cause you ran into to him your drunk af stop giving out false info

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