How to Play Paper Football


How to Play Paper Football. Football is a tough, violent game played on
the gridiron. Paper football involves a folded-up piece
of paper and a table. Learn how to play the safer of the two. You will need Flat table Coin Another player
and paper football. Step 1. Sit across the table from your opponent. Flip a coin to decide who will play offense. The offensive player starts the game. Step 2. Try to score a touchdown. “Lay the football”:
flat on the table in front of you and flick it to send it sliding forward. A touchdown is scored when the ball comes
to a stop hanging partially over the opposite side of the table. A touchdown is worth 6 points. Step 3. Take turns trying to score a touchdown until
someone succeeds. Flick the football from where it landed after
your opponent’s last turn. Step 4. Kick an extra point if you score a touchdown. Balance your paper triangle football on one
point and hold the opposite point with your index finger. The defensive player makes a finger goal post
by pointing their index fingers against each other while extending their thumbs with their
fists on the table. You can also make goal posts by making two
L shapes with your thumbs and forefingers and putting your thumbs together. Step 5. Point the football toward your opponent and
flick it with your free hand. Count an extra point if the football flies
through the goal posts. Now it is your opponent’s turn to try and
score a touchdown. Step 6. Kick off if the paper football hits the floor. Lay the football in your hand, palm facing
up. Smack your fingers on the underside of the
table to send the ball flying back on the table. Wherever it lands is where the next play begins. Step 7. Declare the person with the most points the
winner when you are out of time to play with your triangle footballs. It’s up, and it’s good! Did you know The highest scoring National
Football League football game was played in 1966 between the Redskins and the New York
Giants. The Redskins won, 72 to 41.

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