How to Play Linebacker in Football : How to Read the Play as Linebacker

How to Play Linebacker in Football : How to Read the Play as Linebacker

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
Once our linebackers have read the play, they’ve stepped up into their gaps, they’ve read what’s
happening and now they are reacting to the play, one important thing to do is that when
you’re pursuing a play, you don’t want to lock your eyes on the man you’re going for.
You want to try to have your head on a swivel to see if anybody is coming out to make a
block on you. (video demo) Once these guys have reacted, if I’m running the ball to this
side and they’ve reacted to what’s going on, they want to make sure to keep their head
on a swivel and not just on me. What will happen is, if he’s looking out here to make
a tackle, this guy on the offensive line will come up from nowhere, our linemen will not
see him coming and make a crank back block on the side of him. That could possibly injure
him and knock him out of the play. He has to make sure to pursue the play but at the
same time be looking if someone is coming out to make a block. He has to take on that
block and shed that block and then make the tackle. When you’re pursuing the play, make
sure that you have your head on a swivel, looking to make sure nobody is coming up from
the backside to put a big block on you when you’re trying to make the tackle.

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  1. Senior year i was 6'2 230 pounds and ran a 4.5  benched 405, squat 550 and power clean 390.I played linebacker, running back, kick returner, punt returner, kicker and punter! I played all my life at those positions.

    How to play linebacker? 1.Simple read the guards because they will always tell you where the ball is going. 2. Whoever has the ball hit them as hard as humanly possible! Everything else in between will come naturally!

  2. 5'9 175 and i switch from olb and dt when i'm playing dt i abuse the swim move and almost always get through. (Heading into sophomore year.

  3. Is n transitioning from a gaurd to a lb. I was 5'5 194lbs at 12 years old . And now I'm 13 and I've lost weight and now I am 5'7 165 pounds. Is it to late to become a lb in high school?

  4. I'm in 6th grade I'm 12 years old.125 lbs. play linebacker but mostly defensive end.what should the ideal weight for me be at linebacker.

  5. I'm 5'8 146 but by summer I will probably be 5'11 170 on my diet that consists of eating as much junk food as I can while lifting weights and so far it has gotten me 20 or so pounds in a month er 2

  6. I'm an outside linebacker, and when I started the position I thought it would be easy to play since I thought all you did was follow the ball. Then my coaches threw gap assignments and coverage concepts at me and I felt so confused. I play a decent game but still stand to get a lot better.

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