How to Play Indoor Soccer : Passing in Indoor Soccer

How to Play Indoor Soccer : Passing in Indoor Soccer

In this clip we’re going to talk about passing.
Passing is definitely a very essential part of the game. Definitely happens probably more
often than anything else during the game. Some of the passes that will happen during
the game will either be low, on the ground passes or they will be lifted in the air to
possibly avoid a player on the opposite team and get it to your teammate. From that too,
passes can go forwards, sideways, backwards. Definitely don’t be afraid to pass the ball
backwards. A good passing will definitely help you keep possession of the ball and keeping
possession of the ball is key. One of the differences between indoor and outdoor soccer
obviously is this wall. That leads to a different, another pass that you’re able to do and that
is off the wall. You can bounce it off the wall and create many different more angles
to get a ball to one of your teammates. Whether it be passing the ball really hard and it
bounces back to him. Or maybe just kind of give and go off the wall. But, the indoor
and the walls create a lot more opportunities to be a lot more creative with your passing.
When you pass, you want to make sure that you judge the distance between your players.
Because a lot of times you don’t want to have a lot of time with the soccer ball because
the defenders will be coming towards you. So you usually want to either one-touch or
two-touch the ball after you receive a pass. You want to make sure you judge the distance
just right that your teammate is able to get either one touch on it before he passes it
or he’s able to move around the ball to be able to make a pass right after your pass.

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  2. either hi or low you know forwards back wards sideways…also a main difference between indoor and outdoor is that indoor has walls…(i never would have known)

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  4. thanks for the tips guys!
    now i'll play in the world cup before i´m 16 years old becouse of all your GREAT videos

  5. wow i cant believe the comments section is filled with ungrateful insults. Calm down people its just a How To: Video.. for fucks sake.. if they did it wrong then have the balls to upload ur own video demonstrating the "correct way". It's easy to criticize, it takes balls to do anything else.

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