How to Play Football : How to Play Tight End in Football

How to Play Football : How to Play Tight End in Football

The next rule we are going to go over is for
the tight end position. Now when your tight end you may be called to block as much as
anything but you won’t be catching the ball as much. Probably maybe once a game. So but
when they call that play to you it is good that you would be ready and you pretty much
going to be at the end of the offense whatever that play is called to you, you just want
to be ready. But in some situations the quarterback may need some help to go to a offensive player
and you may have to roll of a block and catch the ball. So it is good that you always in
tune maybe if your quarterback needs some help encase your running back and your wide
receiver may be covered. So you are just that extra help for offense and also you just may
have some plays called to you so just be ready at all times to catch the ball.

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  1. I'm a tight-end =O

    I'm 6 ft 2, 215 lbs, a freshmen, and have the best hands on the team. I am the best hitter on our team also. On defense I play d-end. I block most of the time, but when we do Ringo. Which is the passing play directed for me, I do a short out. Up 5 and run toward the sideline. I love tight-end!!!!

  2. im 6'2, going into 10th grade, and ive recently lost a lot of weight and im 190 pounds. for the last four years ive been a tackle, so i can block really good, and ive got pretty good hands but not the best. i can break through tackles and im quick off the ball…is tight end good for me or should i stick with tackle

  3. When are you dumb fucks gonna realize your height/weight 40 etc. dont mean shit. Why do you even bother posting that shit no one gives two fucks. American High School ball is a lot shittier than i expected. We came from Canada and demolished a 4A team with ease. Too fuckin concerned with that shit just go out and play.

  4. im barely starting TE this year im a gonna be a freshmen
    and my coach already told me he wants me to be starter im 6'1 weight 230 pounds so im good but i need to work on ma blocking…
    but i almost have as good of hands as our wide recivers

  5. good video but ive been playing tight end for a while and know what im supposed to do I just want really advanced vids any help?

  6. im in 8th …im playing football this year…i weigh 110 pounds and im 5'3……i was thinking about playing WR,…running back…or tight end….i do track and im extremely fast but i think the running back position is already taken…what shoud i do???

  7. well..the other person is wayy faster than me..and im pretty strictly offense so i think imma do tight end or wide and coach will decide

  8. for the TE position, at 110 lbs. you will get run over and your QB will be screwed. the best chance is going as wide recever but if you cant catch, screw football and go back to track. and some of the best RB are huge. so dont think because your fast u can be RB. you have to be able to run over ppl.

  9. im an eith grader im 5'8 180 and i have that exact same problem but i have great hands….. i block really well and my speed isnt great

  10. just out of curiosity, what would an ideal weight range be for a TE position? at this point in time I am 6'2 230lbs i can catch like crazy can stand almost anyone up that comes in only thing is that im not fast but for my size im decent so i cant play WR to the standards of speed.

  11. im 13 and i weight 140 lbs. i run a 4.6 40-yard dash. what position do you think is best for me? please answer. football season is coming up and i want to train.

  12. 15, rising sophomore only played 1 year of football was a pop-warner league. Played Middle line backer and Left tackle. Last time i ran a 40 was last summer ran a 5.3 (when i was out of shape was like 170 5'10) Now 155lbs 5"11, thinking about tight end probably only on jv tho since it will only be my 2nd year of football.

  13. @tightend1999 u shouldnt be playin football at 11, buddy. 8th grade is when u should be allowed to start. otherwise ur gonna screw urself up before it even matters…

  14. @Tall747 it kinda depends what age level if in high school then linemen is probibly not a bad choice and it kinda depends on your athletic ability.

  15. @tightend1999 hahaha im 11 yrs old 5 ft 3 135 pounds thats eather a tight end or a linebacker i could destroy u

  16. im 5'8'' sophomore 190 lbs broad shoulders. all my coaches and teammates i shud play fullback, linebacker, or tight end. wats the best position for my body type PLEASE RESPOND.

  17. I'm 6'0 170 lb thinking about trying out for football next year (I'm a Freshman) I played middle school football as a Offense/Defense Linemen (Mostly Offense) and I sucked at blocking, I can Catch pretty good never dropped a pass in any of the catching drills and even though I'm slow I can juke people out pretty good for someone my speed and even though I'm still thinking if I want to play football and if I do decide yes should I go out for TE?

  18. I'm 6'1" 160 lb and thinking of trying out for football this upcoming year. I never played, but have been told by a few friends to play and that I should go for TE. I'm pretty fast and can catch/block decently. Anyone think TE would be good choice or is there a better position I could play?

  19. just for any one asking about size, im an average to large tight end in missippi football and i am 6'2 215 and plan to be 225-235 by football season. i hope that helps anyone

  20. @wowdude13druid any idea what position I could play? I know im not really big enough for center if you look at me

  21. @BIGGERSPINKID i can catch if its a good pass but if its a bad spiral or out of my "normal" reach i have a 50% chance, As for my speed I am faster than the line but a little slower then the hb. ( i dont remember my 40 yrd time)

  22. Well, youre gonna have to make it to were you catch anything that touches your hand, that just comes with practice, and your gonna have to be fast cause youll be gaurding recievers and cathing the ball too.

  23. Here's my numbers:
    5'7'', 160lbs
    4.9 40 meter
    8 reps

    I play DE (scout team) TE (2nd team, put in in 2TE packages) and QB (If we are ever that bad.)

  24. LMAO! For one thing, tight ends get passed to MUCH more then once a game. Look at highschool, college, and the NFL. Tight Ends are one of the most important postions. Dumbass……

  25. @SuperQwert11 well at that height you might be second or third string. but dont worry its good practice for when you get bigger. i was about the same in 9th grade but i was 5 foot 7 and 205 pounds. and they only used me for blocking. but last year i was 5 foot 11 195 pounds and now they use me for passing and a little blocking

  26. @skaterp1224
    depends on ur head coach,does he like big receivers or small recievers? if he likes big reciever, you should play te or if he doesnt, then he'll make u play ol or dl

  27. Amen. Expert village should just cut the crap and stop pretending they are some kind of video encyclopedia when in reality they just grab the first so-called expert on a subject and make fools of themselves.

  28. I am a tight end everything you say is true pretty much this guy is stupid he doesn't even know what he is talking about. I don't catch much but I do block. I am also a wide receiver but pretty much a primary tight end.

  29. im 6'7 185 pound freshman.. people keep teliing me to play tight end next year, dose anyone think that a good idea? i dont know shit about football lol

  30. Ok im playing football and its my first year and im a kicker,punter,place kicker,backup safety,backup corner,and wide reciever (not starter)that enouph or not

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