How to Play Fantasy Football : All About Fantasy Football Match-Ups

How to Play Fantasy Football : All About Fantasy Football Match-Ups

Hello, My name is Frank Torres and I am here
on behalf of Expert Village. This segment is all about examining your matchups during
Fantasy Football, playing Fantasy Football. Your matchups are going to be everything during
the season. You will want to review them a couple times a week to make sure players don’t
get injured or benched or any of those crazy things that happen to football players throughout
the season. I am getting ready to check my matchups right now. Let’s have a look. Alright,
here is my lineup this week. I am using Yahoo just out of convenience. A lot of your different
Fantasy Football sites will have screens very similar to this lineup screen. Alright, this
looks good alright. I like these match-ups. All these guys have been good for me this
season. What do I have here? I have got a player on a bye. That means this guy is not
playing this week. He is not getting me any points. So, I am going to go ahead and get
rid of him. Not get rid of him, substitute him. Let’s see what I have on my bench. Alright,
I have Bernard Berrian playing at Oakland this week as a wide receiver. He is a pretty
decent wide receiver. So, he will be my bye week replacement. Let’s just go ahead and
put him over here. That takes care of that problem. Looking down, looking down. Everybody
is playing this week. Everything looks pretty good. Got another bye week. My defense is
on a bye week. We definitely can’t have that empty. Alright, I like Jacksonville at Tennessee
this week. So, we will go ahead and we will plug them in there. We will go ahead and submit
our changes. Alright, I like my lineup for this week. But, of course I want to keep my
ear out for any last minute injuries or situations that might take these players out of the lineup.
The second part of examining lineups is examining your opponents lineup. Let’s have a look over
here. We will go to my overall league screen on Yahoo. Once again, any of the websites
you play Fantasy Football on will have these. Then we have got our match-ups for the week.
I am going to go ahead and go to my matchup against my opponent this week. There you have
it. You have his lineup right in front my lineup. Depending on how you are doing this
season, you will have a pretty good idea about how the outcome of the game is going to go.
Although, any given Sunday anything can happen. I am looking at my opponent and it looks like
he is pretty much on his game. He doesn’t have any empty slots. So, it looks like we
are both set to go. Examining your matchups. I can’t emphasize how important that is. But,
if you don’t have your lineups full and you don’t have your matchups evaluated. The chances
are your not going to have very good week. If you don’t have a very good week you might
not win your game. It’s something you definitely want to get in the habit of doing before Sunday
on every week.

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