How to Play Defensive End : Responsibilities of the Defensive End in Football


Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about now is one of the most important positions on defense, the defensive
end. There are a couple of reasons why that position is very important. One, that’s one
of our main guys we’ll use to speed rush on the outside, try to get into the backfield
and make things happen. It’s also the job of the defensive end to keep the outside contained.
That’s our outside line of defense. We always want our defensive end to stay at home in
case they run a reverse or an end around back in our direction. We never want our defensive
end to sell out to the other side of the field. They’re always going to step up, have outside
containment so the running backs don’t run to the outside and so the quarterback doesn’t
escape to the outside. They are our outside wall so we don’t get anything out of the backfield.
So, the defensive end is a very important position for that outside containment. They’re
also the guys we’re going to bring from the outside in to hopefully sack the quarterback
on the inside.

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