How to Play Cornerback in Football : Position for Cornerbacks in Football

How to Play Cornerback in Football : Position for Cornerbacks in Football

Hi this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village.
When we’re talking about playing good cornerback, one thing you have to figure out is what type
of receiver are you playing. Is this guy a big, strong slower type of receiver? If he
is, what you want to do as a cornerback especially if you are quick is you want to play up a
little tighter on him, because you know that he can’t out run you, that you can stay with
him. And so you might want to come back, that way you can maintain close contact on this
receiver as he goes out. But if he’s a really quick receiver, if he’s got quick feet, if
he can fake you out quickly, then you’re going to want to give him a little more cushion.
If he’s the type of receiver that likes to run a lot of in routes, then you’ll want to
scoot up a little bit and take those in routes away. If he likes to run a lot of fly routes
or out routes then you’ll want to give him a little more cushion and be ready to react
to those plays. So part of being a good cornerback is knowing the person that you’re playing.
Are they slow, are they fast, are they quick at getting out of their stance, are they slow
at getting out of their stance. Whatever the case may be, you’ve got to learn how to read
that and be able to position yourself so that you don’t get beat as a cornerback.

29 thoughts on “How to Play Cornerback in Football : Position for Cornerbacks in Football

  1. First of all, when playing cornerback you can win the battle before the battle even begins just on how yu aling yourself based on the wrs position on the field. Never let hi, inside. The sideline is your friend.

  2. but how do u know if the WR is a fly, or a slant route WR in the game.. its common sense.. so if u leave him a big coushion and he runs a slant ur in big trouble.. this doesnt make sense!!!

  3. he was right i play cornerback for my high school and the reason he said u give the fst guys more cushin is because it helps u react better on the ball and if your bumpin a fast guy there a very good chance he could put a quick move on u and be gone and its better to bump ig guys because like he said u kno they cant beat u in a foot race so if they do pass u u can easily catch up and most likely get the int i would kno from experience

  4. okay, im a freshmen in highschool and about to start jv football. im bout 5'8, i weigh 130, and im somewhat fast. What position should i try out for? PLEASE REPLY

  5. im 5,10 and 145lbs i can tackle and catch but im just starting football as a sophmore, what should i go for? please responed someone

  6. somebody help im 5.11 im in 8th grade i weight 155 pounds im going to do freshman football and I dont know how to play I moved from a different country in where football didnt even exist can someone give me a link and tell me what position I should play on?

  7. @zakattack084 120 llbs? i mean to me the most important thing in a corner is speed because if the receiver outruns u, no matter how good your other skills are, you can't touch him. So practice your speed stamina. and 120 llbs is sort of light. I'm also going to high school next year and i'm already 130. i mean, i am slightly on the overweight side but not by that much. You sound like you could be a great TE but 5'7's pretty tall so corner could suit you. idk you'll have to ask some other ppl lol

  8. also anyone willing to help? I'm going to play freshman football next yr at high school.I'm pretty small, only about 5'4 and 130 llbs. I have great acceleration but only average speed. I have good stamina. I have good hands but not great ones. Definitely not going for QB because i'm accurate, but no power. What should I try for? I'm honestly okay with anything you guys suggest

  9. try 2 play bump on the man since u have good speed and good acceleration and always keep a hand on ur man but not to much so u wnt get a penalty

  10. how am i supposed to know if he likes to run in routes thats the coach's desicion what am i going to do go up and ask him "Do you like to run in routes?"

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