How To Pass A Soccer Ball – Soccer Passing Techniques To Pass Harder

How To Pass A Soccer Ball – Soccer Passing Techniques To Pass Harder

Hey guys. Matt here from Epic Soccer Training.
I want to take you through the exact fundamentals for how to pass a soccer ball. OK, guys. Let’s go through how to pass a soccer
ball. I want to teach you the basics. I’m sure a lot of you are already there and we
will do some more videos for more advanced passing but if you want the fundamentals,
I’m going to give them to you right now. So what you want to do when you’re passing
a soccer ball is obviously you’re going to be passing with a majority with the inside
of your foot. There’s a lot of I would say more the Latin South American flair. They
do a lot of outside of foot passing which we’re going to do some videos on. But for
right now, I want to teach you the basic fundamentals of passing. So Chas, let me see that. What I want to show
you is if this is your foot and you’re going to pass, a lot of the problem is people pass
with this part of their foot for just a simple inside pass and that’s going to get you the
least amount of power. Why? Because your foot is flimsy and so when you kick it like that,
your foot just goes backwards. What you want to do is you want to get the most power and
you do that by having your lock joint which is where your ankle is. This is the most surface
area when your ankle is in here. So what you want to do is you want to make
contact with the ball at the base of your foot and you really want to drive through.
So if we’re doing some passing here, now let me kind of just show you. I will just show
you on goal a little bit. If you’re just doing a simple pass, then what
you want to do is you want to approach the ball. Go about a foot. On a pass, you want
to go about a foot to the right or left of the ball, wherever your plant foot is, about
evenly and then you want to kick pretty much in the exact middle of the ball. When you do a chip or you do a shot, you’re
going to be working towards more the inside of the ball which is the explosive part of
the ball. So for a simple pass, what you want to do, you just want to lock your ankle. I
usually just lock it forward and then just make sure you drive through. You don’t want
to have that pass where you’re just kind of stuck and then you kick a ball and it’s just
kind of like, oh, nobody wants that. When you get into a more professional level,
it’s very, very quick passing. So you want to make sure that you’re just driving through.
Everything should be real quick like that. So again, that’s one of the passes that you
want to do. The other passes you’re going to have are driven balls and stuff like that
but we’re going to get into more of that with other videos. So again, if you want to learn how to pass
a ball, this is the basic fundamentals. We’re going to get into more advanced stuff. Also
leave me comments and let me know what type of passing you would want to see, what type
of shooting, shots, any other videos that you would like to see and I would be more
than happy to help you out and do some videos on those. I love your feedback. So again that’s just the basic fundamentals
of how to do a simple pass and also if you want to see a video of how I went from being
just an average soccer player I was a small guy on the field to go into playing professional
click on the link below the video right now to see that presentation and let me know what
you think. All right? I will see you guys in the next lesson. Bye.

100 thoughts on “How To Pass A Soccer Ball – Soccer Passing Techniques To Pass Harder

  1. thanx…i live in INDIA in very small town..we were not able to play football because of caoch..but with epic soccer traing we r practising & trying to make it better..thanx..keep helping us..thank u..(from PW team)

  2. Thanks for doing the very basic basic stuff that most people overlook because they think people like me would already know

  3. Motor skill learning requires that the learner sees the skill performed. Instead of trying to talk learners through any skill you would make a greater impact by showing them. Record the skill from the back, the front and side so they see the different perspectives. I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand….Confucius.

  4. Have any ideas of how to hande pressure? I would be more than happy if you posted a video on that. Thats actually the basic problem with me. When i receive the ball when im playing defence and the attacker comes towards e, i dont quite know what should i do…and i screw up. If you can please give any advice on that,it would br great!

  5. Can you do a vid of "How to play like Fernando Torres" ? (Playing-style) Moves, shots, techniques, heading, passing
    He is my idol and Hero, kinda saved my life, so…
    I would be more than happy if you could try 🙂

  6. hey i just started but i know a little bit about soccer so i was wondering what should i work on first and what video would it be?

  7. right below or on the ankle. not on the heel and not with the middle of the foot. i have a passing video where I show in slow-mo exactly where to hit the ball. check it out! thanks.

  8. I'm not sure what he meant by that. typically, the most explosive pass comes by striking the ball right on the ankle in the middle of the ball. i have a passing video on my channel where i break it down slow-mo. go check it out!

  9. you don't necessarily strike the ball differently for a through ball. it does help to put some backspin on it so that after sneaking through the defense, it holds up for your teammate so the keeper doesn't get to it. check out my passing video on my channel.

  10. another good way to practice by yourself ( Passing ) is in front of a wall and trying to master a one touch pass

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  12. Thanks a lot for these awesome videos, could you PLEASE!!!! teach a more advanced pass for example in the air and outside of the foot. Thanks a lot.

  13. I love you're videos. I play soccer too. Can you make a video on shooting into the goals? That would really help me. Thanks!

  14. could you please make a video for heel passing and outside of foot. I dont play soccer in a league but i play alot of pickup games with friends.  it would be cool if i could show off a little with some fancy passes. thanks. love ur videos.

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    You keep rambling, and interjecting your own thoughts. I want to rewrite the script for your videos.

    This isn't good structured tutorial writing. If you're going to go through the trouble to shoot a tutorial video, make sure you have a well-written script that thoroughly explains the topic you're trying to teach.

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  19. I'm 44 years old and looking to join a local rec league. I have never played before and obviously don't want to make a fool out of myself. What would you recommend I work on to be field ready?

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