How to pack like a professional basketball player

How to pack like a professional basketball player

-For the most part, when I pack, I rarely forget anything
because I’m the person that, like, packs like two days
in advance, even though we’re only gonna be
gone for like a day and a half. My name is LaToya Sanders. I am the center for
the Washington Mystics. -Come on! Here we go!
Two minutes! -It’s my 12th professional year, but I’ve been with the Mystics
for five years. Previously, I played in Phoenix,
LA, and Minnesota. Also, I played
professionally overseas, and I played in Italy, Russia. The majority of my time
has been in Turkey. When we go on the road,
we don’t pack too much ’cause, like, they carry our shoes,
they carry our uniforms. Our season is about 4 1/2 months
without playoffs. We’re usually just on
the road half the time. I just try to bring things that make me feel comfortable
on the road. When I am on the road
with the Mystics, I usually pack
some jeans in case I go to a nice restaurant, some books to have some reading
in the hotel room, my iPad ’cause if I don’t
feel like reading, I can just catch up on TV shows. Travel sweats, soap,
my iron pills, and my makeup remover,
cleansing face wipes, Bose headphones. I’m a very scared flyer
so any noise bothers me so these work magic for me. When I do go overseas,
to stay comfortable, I do pack a coffee machine
because everywhere you go, you know, there’s not like
a good local coffee shop, so usually I do pack it ’cause I have to have
my caffeine every day. I take my Apple TV so I can keep up on
all my American television, and I take two
essential medical devices, which are the Hypervolt
and the Marc Pro to help me stay healthy
while overseas. I do take my silk pillowcase when I’m traveling
with the Mystics or overseas because I’m really picky
when it comes to my pillowcases. I have dry hair, so.
Um, picky on that. I do have to pack
a little bit more when I go over to Turkey as they don’t have
the same groceries that we have here in America. They don’t eat pork and turkey. So one of the weird things
I pack, I usually take, like,
a bunch of turkey bacon and I freeze it, and because
it’s obviously cold in the plane,
by the time I get to my apartment
in Turkey, it’s still frozen, and then I pop it back in the
freezer and use it as needed. My life is pretty low-key
overseas. You know, when you have
a language barrier and you know, not necessarily
in your comfort zone, I tend to stay home and cook
more, but it’s a fun country. I love to play there.
It’s my favorite place.

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  1. Remember to always bring a copy of the Chinese Constitution too! You mustn't disrespect your true allegiance after all…

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