HOW TO MAKE IT IN FOOTBALL | Lukaku inspirational interview

HOW TO MAKE IT IN FOOTBALL | Lukaku inspirational interview

When I was 14-13 people were already
talking about me in the newspapers In today’s special interview Romelu Lukaku pretty
much makes me the happiest man on Earth – You made those shoes? My dog!
– I designed those. But before we get there, I wanted to tap into
the mind of Big Rom to hopefully learn a thing or two from the Belgian who’s already experienced a whole lot despite his young age… And what better way to do that than to sit down with
the big man himself: Romelu Lukaku, what’s up? – What’s up man, how you doing?
– Thanks for talking to us. So let’s start by going back in time a little bit looking at young kids out there, there’s
a lot of talent. You played with a lot of talented people: some of
you guys made it, others didn’t what do you think is the decisive factor
to making it as a talent versus not making it? It’s all in here, it’s all in the mind I think
you know how much do you want it. Imagine if you have a good performance when you’re
15-16, you always think about that performance and forget that there is a next game and
you have to produce the same thing or even better so you know that’s the thing
you know 15-16 is the age where you know it gets dangerous sometimes for us you
know like, parties, the first parties – the first girls…
– But you kept focused back then I remember I had to! Yeah but at 16 I was playing,
I was a full-time pro When I was 16 I was like thinking about my brother like for me it was my brother, I wanted my
brother to just make it, I didn’t care about anybody else but I just tried to
be an example for him and thankfully he made it as well so you know now we’re
both enjoying “the life” that we wanted to enjoy, my family’s enjoying it so
it’s all good now yeah. It was really hard you know especially off the
football field man that was the hardest part but, you know, you have to find
that inner strength and you know for me it was seeing bad things and I’m grateful
to God every day that we managed to turn it around and now we can look back
and learn from the moments that we lived in the past and whatever like there is like
a hard time now I always think about the hard times back then, because now it’s
nothing because we have everything that we want. Yeah you’ve tried it all right?
I’ve tried it all, we have we have everything that we want but back then we didn’t had
anything so I always think about those times and then at the end of day I’m like, hey you know what, it’s not so bad I just have to work and you know try to
improve on what I can So did you do something back then, like change some
of your habits you can see now made you ready for the grown-up game, the highest
level? I just trained more than the others I sacrificed everything, that was the
first thing you know. I remember my dad always telling me “no you can’t do this, you can’t do that” and I’m like “eeeehhh” – but at
the end, at one point you know when I was like 13 I was like you know what
I’m so close of being a professional football player and instead of like you
know counting the days I was counting the months. So basically what I’m getting
is that you managed to shut everything out. Everyone has an opinion, it’s on
social media, it’s on the media, when things are not going well. How do you
like shut out and focus everything around you just good or bad? Same thing
like I did back in the day you know when I was 14-13 people were already talking
about me in the newspapers and I remember my dad caught me having one of
those newspapers in my hand. It was like positive coaching and telling me like
listen there is a next game coming up don’t listen to what people are saying
about you because at the end of the day ABC can say this and it doesn’t
matter at the end of the day so for me it was about developing the
art of not giving a *bleep* – I know you’re big into music
– Yeah, definitely Do you think that’s like a similarity
between, you know, the sports, the business and the music industry? Yeah, all the
athletes they want to become artists Do you wanna become an artist? Naah, I wanted to become a producer.
I remember like my mom used to clean in a bar when I was like seven or
eight years old, there was a DJ set at the back you know I used to tell my
uncle like all the time like you know when I get money like I’ll buy one of
those so yeah when I turned 21 I bought my first DJ set and my mom came into the
house she looked at me she started smiling I was like “I told you I would buy one”
so that’s what I really enjoy I really enjoy music. You’ve changed
club a few times so you know that every time you come to a new
club you have to sing, right? There’s an initiation song. Did you also sing?
I didn’t sing at United, I sung at Everton twice… What did you sing
there? Twice? I sung The Evils from Jay-Z it’s my favorite song, I mean who knows
in the future I might change the song so now I’m just trying to find a song
that has good bars in it Don’t think of a new song that means you have
to change clubs, stay at Man United! Lets talk about your boots here, why did
you decide to join the Puma family? I tried this shoe for over three years so after three
years you can really decide what you like right so after three years you know I made the
decision that it was the right fit for me because I believed in the
product and they believed in me as a player. Second of all my dad came in
Europe in -89, first shoe he was wearing Puma… Full circle! In -93 when I was born
the shoe he was wearing: Puma so… – You kinda had to!
– It’s not like that but you know sometimes now when I look back I’m like, you know what I’m saying? It had to be. Yeah so I like and also like you know I’m from African
heritage really proud of it and you know Puma has a strong connection
with my people and like I said you know Samuel Eto’o, Yaya Toure,
Nicolas Anelka you know all guys that I looked up to
when I was you know younger they all play with this brand so you know I’m
glad that I can you know yeah I I understand, and even though you haven’t
been with them for that long you’ve been kind of involved in a special project.. Yeah yeah yeah, I remember these These are nice as well man I
like these, yeah sometimes in training there are off days that I wear them
and then they see it on the internet and then they give me like negative calls. Oh
really, because did you realize that I made those shoes? – You made those shoes? My dog.
– I designed those yeah. Honestly these with the Glory Pack the last one that I had were the best. Oh man you’re making my day here. Trust me man! The day you wore them in training and you put
them on Instagram I was screaming inside I’m a Man United fan. Oh yeah, these
were nice man and I told I told my guy at Puma,
I said to him like these are nice, the leather and stuff, I like the
design, they were really nice you know what with Belgium our second
jersey’s yellow. Now you know what to wear then! Yeah I have four more pairs of these at
the house so I can wear it in the next game Sounds good man. Yeah I’ll do that if you
play in the yellow, I don’t care what they say. I will, I promise you. I might do that, they’re really nice man. All the best my bro, it’s good to meet you. So you really like… shit man! That game
against Tottenham right when you rounded Lloris time stood still, my heart stopped and I was like this is my life peaking! And the ball just went… So if you wear them for Belgium, because you kinda owe me a goal, right? I’ll give you two.
You give me two? Promise! So there you have it my friends, some
pretty inspiring words from the big man himself but what was the best part of
the video? For me it was pretty obvious but let me know what you think in the
comment section right down below now after that you can go gear up in the
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said guys I’m signing off cheerio

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