How to Make Football Gloves Sticky — Use Grip Boost

How to Make Football Gloves Sticky — Use Grip Boost

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87 thoughts on “How to Make Football Gloves Sticky — Use Grip Boost

  1. Do u think I could get some of this for a review because I orderd a pair of Nike vapor fly's and I wanna try it on them after a couple of weeks of use

  2. Love this stuff. Worked great on my Under Armour gloves. Real sticky and stuff is cheap.. like 10 bucks on Amazon.

    – Jake

  3. So this is allowed, but it is illegal to use a non stick type agent on your uniform? yeah, I believe that

  4. Dude catching one handed gloveless is easy, with gloves way easier, with gloves and this makes it less challenging

  5. Grip boost is legit seriously I heard it was made by an nfl player but ill start doing review's on such and such on thing's

  6. I know that this vid is old but,I like this vid because it shows people testing it and some of these companies don't do that

  7. I do this without the gloves and my ball has 0 grip, my dad can barely grip the ball to pass to me. It's all about the player not the glove

  8. I used this product after asking an official if It was legal and he said yes. But I entered the next game and they suspended me!

  9. Ok I've got a very cool story so one day I was playing in one of my football games and I had just bought a bottle of Grip Boost so I could catch better as a wide receiver.then I'm running a post route and I SNATCH the ball with one hand,the best catch I had ever done!All thanks to Grip Boost.

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