How to make a football shirt cake | Football cake ideas

How to make a football shirt cake | Football cake ideas

Hey happybees its amanda and today I am going
to show you how to make this soccer football top cake so to start out ive baked a large
rectange cake and a smaller cake in a loaf tin ill put in the description all my quantities
and the measuremets of the cake tins that I used I am going to show yo here how I carved
these into a shirt type shape so I have the large cake in the middle ive cut the loaf
tin cake into two squares and im making that into the sleeves for the football shirt round
it out at the top ive covered that in some chocolate buttercream and im going to put
a thin layer of white fondant on top i know these football shirt cakes you can create
them like this where the fondant is quite neat but I wanted it to look like a football
top that was quite loose and realistic so ive put a v shaped piece of flesh fondant
in the top to create a neckline and another layer of white fondant over the top and now
i am creating creases and folds to make it look a little bit more realistic use a quilting
tool to go around the edges and a knife to reveal the flesh part that we had put underneath
the original piece of white fondant create a trim for the neckline by cutting out a strip
of white fondant and fold it into a v shape now this cake was for a ronaldo fan and he
wanted the cake to be a real madrid football cake so I am going in with some renshaw fondant
in the shade jade create some indentations with a knife to emphasise where the sleeves
are going to be and now I am using this jade coloured fondant to create the stripes on
the shouders and the little trim in between the sleeves and the football shirt I got a
local bakery to print out the real madrid and adidas logo onto some edible paper im
going to peel off the back of that and use a tiny bit of water to stick that on in the
correct place adding some green fondant onto our cake now and around the cake board to
make it look a bit like grass and I used some letter cutters to print out ronaldo name and
number and I stuck those onto the front of the football kit I hope you had fun folowing
along with me and making your own footnball soccer kit cake if you did I would love for
you to subscribe and become part of the happybee cakes family ill see you in the next one bye

11 thoughts on “How to make a football shirt cake | Football cake ideas

  1. Hi, Amanda. Your cake looks beautiful. You are the sweetest, kindest, most generous lady in baking. When will you make your Cinderella and Alice Tsum Tsum cookies? Have a good day, Amanda. Never stop believing in dreams, cutie pie. <3

  2. Ahhh thank you for making that cake. My little brother's birthday is in 9 days and he is obsessed with Ronaldo

  3. Hi can u provide your quantities for this cake? I cant see them in description just the size of cake tins you used. Thanks! X

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