HOW TO LEARN TO DO A CIRCLE ON THE MUSHROOM – TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Pommel Horse (How to Do Circles)


So this video is on how to learn circles on mushroom which hopefully you can transfer over to the pommel horse later on. I don’t know if you can see with the lighting but this mushroom is divided up into 4 parts or 4 quarters This is the 1st quarter this is a half this is three quarters and this is a full. So when we learn these, when we learn a circle we’re going to break it up into each part So first, you are going to start with your hands on the mushroom you are going to lean over, you’re going to keep your feet together and you’re going to arch You are going to step to the opposite side that you circle and you are still going to arch And this is called a feint And we’re going to snap our legs together in the back and bring our legs over and we are going to stop at a quarter. So you are actually going to stay on the mushroom so your hands don’t leave, and make sure you leaning over to the side. One common mistake that people do is when they step to the side they end up bringing this leg in front and this leg catches up When you step to the side you have to make sure that your feet snap together and go into the circle or half circle or three quarter circle together. Next we’re going to do a half circle and you’re going to try and keep your body straight or even a little bit arched. Next you are going to do a 3/4 circle Making sure that you lean to the opposite side. Now when you have a 3/4 circle pretty good, you can try a full circle And when you’re ready you can actually try more than 1 circle You can either do 1 and a quarter, 1 and a half or just try and go for 2 or as many as you want. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Sometimes the mushroom slides on the carpet or floor so it may help if you put a mat under it.

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