How to Kick a Soccer Ball with the Outside of the Foot

How to Kick a Soccer Ball with the Outside of the Foot

Hi guys, Michelle here from I’m here with Gabriel. He’s going to show us today how to kick a soccer ball with the outside of his foot.>>Thank you Michelle, so basically it’s really important how you place your foot, okay? You have to place it like this. To be able to place it and you go. The movement of the leg get your body sometimes it has to be on the side and go. So the other side a little bit hit the ball. Use the outside of the foot. Now, we’re going to do a little demonstration with Camilo. But, before it’s important that you learn to place your body first as well, okay? Place your body in the right position. Not too straight, a little bit on the side and you’ll be able to catch the ball on the right place.>>So Gabriel how’s this useful during a match?>>Basically, it’s really, really useful for strikers or forwards because there certain situations where you cut on the sides facing the goalies so, that will help you to place the ball on the other side, okay. So, or just to make a pass as well. It can be sometimes when you’re facing the goalie, you just need to pass the ball to the net and that’s a goal. So we’re going to demonstrate it now with Camilo. I’m going to pass the ball to Camilo and he’s going to demonstrate the soccer exercise. [SOCCER PASS] [SOCCER KICKS] Okay guys that’s it. Make sure to practice it you have to drill it, drill it, drill it. Place your body in the right position and use your foot the right way to guide it through the net. You have to guide it away from the keeper and you will be able to score.>>That was awesome thank you so much. Hope you guys like this video. Remember to comment bellow, like our video, share our video and guys keep practicing. [best soccer tricks]

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