How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Taking Tight Angle Shots in Soccer

How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Taking Tight Angle Shots in Soccer

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village and we are taking a look at shooting. Now we are
going to focus on taking shoots from a tight angle. When we do this, we are usually are
on the right side or the left side of the goal, and the goalkeeper is position at the
front post. It is a tight angle shot, so our technique is different when we shoot as follows.
We push the ball out to the side normally past the defender, and then we place our non
kicking foot besides the ball. This forces us to turn our hips around to try and strike
cleanly through the ball across the front of the goal keeper and into the back post
area of the goal. We are looking to try and score a goal; however, from this tight of
an angle, we may force the goal keeper to push the ball out for another oncoming striker
to take a follow up shot. Let’s see that with our demonstrators. You create a tight angle,
and the importance from this angle is that we really get our hips and push out our hips
turned around the soccer ball to finish into the back corner. We will see that one more
time. The goalkeeper position in the near post, we use our hips to turn and shoot towards
the far post, and that is how we take shots.

90 thoughts on “How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Taking Tight Angle Shots in Soccer

  1. yeah same… i would normally hit it on the inside pass it past the keeper.. only works if i hit it with enough power though

  2. @ronaldo2ronaldinho it's also common sense to dribble a basketball, or hit a tennis-ball, or really do anything so long as you're smart. but people still need lessons.

  3. it was not a real tight angle.
    tight when you draw a straight line from the middle of the goal to the corner of the 18m/20yards box and you are shooting from the area closer to the nearest corner flag.
    but thats only my opinion

  4. @TeddyyyyDaddyyyy your german, Germany have won the world cup 3 times and euros3 times and yet you call the sport soccer. Whats the matter with you.

  5. its like being in P.E at school where the teacher showed you how to kick a ball for all the lesson even though everybody new how to do it………
    the reason he can curl a ball its because of his wave on his head….


  7. man Americans do they think this is the right way how to shoot this lvl is Amateur yeah i can do it at that way 2 easy the shot is not even good defenders do grab you its better if you fake the defender or if a team mate dos pass back or pass the ball in the right position make use of the right dribble skills, learn Akka elastico with scissors and swift dribbles practice dribbling on the streets that is the best way grab pions or stones to make obstacles to practice with look forward over thebal

  8. Americans call football what we call rugby…thats why he calls soccer what we call football…so its ok :D!!!!

  9. @AJKellyDCFC It depends on what part of the world bro yeah i agree it should be called football but northamericans call it soccer

  10. i think it's weird though, cause, "soccer" as you call it in America, is actually more footwork than it is in "football"… so "soccer" should rather be named "football" instead of "soccer"… enough said 🙂

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