How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Taking Precision Shots in Soccer

How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Taking Precision Shots in Soccer

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village and we are taking a look at how we can shoot the
soccer ball. We are going to have a look on how we shoot a soccer ball using the inside
of our foot. We will do this when we have to try and place the ball, so we compromise
on power but we look for placement. Okay so just to show that technique, we have our non
kicking foot besides the ball, our kicking foot comes in with a lock ankle, our toe is
lifted, our ankle is locked, and we strike the ball just below the ankle bone and we
follow through. As we follow through, we actually drop our shoulders back. That gives us just
the power that we need to place the ball past the goal keeper. Let’s take look with our
demonstrators. So just to recap we use the inside of the
foot for placement, we want to push the ball past the goalkeeper. Our coaching points for
our player are that we lift our toe, we lock our ankle, we follow through and we drop our
shoulder back to give us the power that we need to score a goal.

74 thoughts on “How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Taking Precision Shots in Soccer

  1. You never want to strike the ball completely on the instep (unless it's just a little open goal tap in). This isn't the proper technique for precision shooting.

  2. usa stands for
    united soccer acdemy
    cos tats wat it sayz on the soccer ball in 1:46

    united rocks even though der academy sucks

  3. just because he has no idea what hes talking about doesnt mean everyone in the usa sucks at soccer. wait 10 years and we will be a soccer country we havnt had it that long and last time i looked we're in the confederation cup final regardless of what happened we're there. im sure im better than you at it so im not concerned with what you say you fucking skirv

  4. 90 % is about practice
    10 % talent
    practice is everything doesn't matters if its about guitar, ping pong or soccer

  5. Brazil is the best, no questions asked. they have the most world cup titles and the National team is currently world ranked number 1, nuff said.

  6. Spain is number 1….dumbass and Brazil got beat by Ghana for the U-20 World Cup championship…sooo no they aren't the best.

  7. @soccerfreak9879 actually, they're aikido videos are pretty good, but those are really probably the only good videos. lol

  8. They're not showing you how to beat Manchester United in a futbol game, they're showing you how to play the game. If you think that you don't need to watch these videos then why are you watching. These videos are meant for teaching the fundamentals and the how to's of the game so that you can get better

  9. @soccers4ev lol very true I just wanted to use a amazing team as an example and i think Man U fits that description

  10. @absolutereviews basics are at age 4. people going to youtube to learn how to kick a ball are probably iggorant fat yanks.

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