How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Taking Chip Shots in Soccer

How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Taking Chip Shots in Soccer

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village and we are taking a look at some shooting techniques,
and we are going to look how we take a chip shot. In order to take a chip shot, you want
to try and kick the ball over the top of the goal keeper to dip into the goal, so we have
to be aware of the goalkeeper’s positioning. When the goalkeeper is not in the goal on
his or her goal line, that is a opportunity for use to take a chip shot. The technique
behind taking a chip shot, it involves getting underneath the ball to create loft so that
the ball will then come back down and into the back of the net. Let’s show that with
the demonstrators.
Our non kicking foot is placed beside the ball, our kicking foot, with the toe down,
gets underneath the ball to create the chip that we require, over the goalkeeper and into
the goal. That is how we take a chip shot.

69 thoughts on “How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Taking Chip Shots in Soccer

  1. chips are pretty simple, one time i chipped a ball onto a building almost 3 stories tall. it was more of a standing scoop than a chip shot tho lol

  2. i have been lookin all over youtube and internet on how to chip a shot.
    No progress


  3. in order to chip, your creating backspin from the top of your boot, not the side. your toes need to be pointed in the direction that your going to hit the ball, not down towards the ground like a normal shot, but your boot needs to wedge in between the ground and the ball. if you simply follow through with the kick the whole way, you are more likely than to just hit the ball into the air without putting the backspin on it. hope that helps.

  4. @thelegendaryred16 omg, to say owen is injury prone does not mean hes worse at the chip???!! seriously your crazy, owen is a better executor of the cheeky chip over the keeper, end of

  5. seriously girls may be evenly as smart as guys but let's be real..when it comes to sports the average man trumps the average woman.

  6. Well, what Im really tryna learn is how FC Barcelona squad chips the ball at top speed, escpecially Lionel Messi's chips. Its very hard while moving.

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