How to Kick a Soccer Ball : How to Volley the Soccer Ball

How to Kick a Soccer Ball : How to Volley the Soccer Ball

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village and we are taking a look at shooting techniques,
and we are going to have a look at the advance technique of taking the ball on the volley.
This is where we take the ball first time out of the air. It may be from across or it
may be a loose ball that is dropping out of the air in front of the goal; and we want
to try and strike the first time to score with. We are going to show a technique very
simply here using our demonstrator. As you can see he covers his shoulders over the top
of the ball. He has a pointed toe to strike the ball with the laces, his kicking foot
is parallel to the ground and the power extension is going to come from the knee. We will just
show you that one more time.
Okay let’s take a look at that live at full speed now, with our demonstrators serving
the ball to themselves. One more time. So just a recap, we looked at volleying the
soccer ball on a shoot. To do that we must cover our shoulders over the top of the ball
to keep the ball down, we have to have our striking foot parallel with the ground, our
power extends from the knee, our toe is pointed and we strike the ball cleanly with the laces.

100 thoughts on “How to Kick a Soccer Ball : How to Volley the Soccer Ball

  1. @SILVERSHADOW7900 first off, why are you calling me a loser?
    Second of all, no you can't, videos can only change the way you shoot

  2. the reasin why the girl is the keeper and not the boy is because he does not wanted to be embaressed if (when) the girl scores

  3. @TryHardExiled

    That was the most pathetic comeback attempt ever. Reread it again and see where you went wrong and made yourself look like a complete douchebag.
    But I wouldn't expect anything better from someone from the land of handegg. ffs you carry the ball in your hand for 90% of the time in that stupid game and you call it FOOTball. Jeez..

  4. lets get this straight, anyone watching this video is immediately a worse soccer player than anyone in that video, so all you shit talkers out there, pipe down

  5. you should not use your hands you should use your feet if you were a soccer coach make some one cross the ball to you valley the ball not your hands

  6. This video doesn't prove that the guy can volley. The only way is to ask the keeper to kick the ball high and out towards him and he has to take the shot while the ball is in mid-air.

  7. @AlyWesley94 why hate on soccer
    i love both football and soccer there is no need to hate both sports are awesome!!!

  8. @Mr18to87 noo…u didn't understand me….in UK ..they don't say soccer…but football…and i like to say football too…however…I don't know the rules of AMERICAN football…so i can't say if i like it or not:)…thanks

  9. @AlyWesley94 that makes sense i live in the US so its normal to think of football as american football. =)

  10. @Mr18to87 yes you're right….but in my first comment i said "FUCK SOCCER" because i call it FOOTBALL(european football) 🙂

  11. @fuckugimmeausername you're wrong…th British invented the word football,and the American invented the word "soccer" to differ it from American FOOTBALL (sorry for my english) 🙂

  12. @MrJesusX oh shut up america only allows you to be good at soccer we are the media center of the world we can make one of your soccer players as famous as Micheal Jackson but you cant make one of players into nothing thats all we have 300 million wound up people who at any moment could take a royal shit on you if we wanted to but we dont so be glad we let you have something

  13. @VeliCetaVrh Can you not hear the man's Scottish accent? He's clearly not American, or 1st Generation

  14. @VeliCetaVrh You stopped at his shirt. The video information (not to mention his accent) tells us he's actually not American.

  15. You have to have a feel for the ball, if you don't, these "tutorials" are never going to help. And if you do, I doubt you'll even need them.

  16. Stop clicking on videos just to freaking criticize. Don't like the video? Tell them nicely to improve them.

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