How to Kick a Soccer Ball : How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power

How to Kick a Soccer Ball : How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village and we are going to take a look at the mechanics
of shooting a soccer ball. The first thing that we are going to look at, we are going
to look how we shoot a soccer ball maximizing power. When we do this we strike using our
laces. Let me just demonstrate with a stationary ball here. Our non kicking foot is placed
to save the ball, and we have our arm out here, our knee over the ball, and as we follow
through our toes pointed down, we strike through the middle of the ball, and we line on the
kicking foot. It is important and we will just show that again, it is important that
we follow through, because that is where our power comes from. So again non kicking foot
will save the ball, arm out here, that gives us balance, and we strike through the ball
and we land on that foot to max out power. Let’s show that with our demonstrators. A
nice powerful shoot. We see that one more time. So two powerful shots from our demonstrator
there. Her head is over the ball, we have our non kicking foot beside the ball, and
we strike through using our laces through the middle of the ball to maximize power,
and we land on a non kicking foot. And that is how we have a powerful shot in soccer.

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  1. i'm confused are you suppose to kick with the side of the foot or with the front? i heard some where you need to shoot with the side and is it normal to shoot powerful shoots with the right leg and having a weak left leg that shoots weak shots?

  2. If you have a worse left leg, it means you are right footed. Depending on the type of shot you want, you can use either the laces (top of boot) for a power shot or either side of your foot for a finesse/ outside of the boot shot (a shot that gives the ball bend/ curve)

  3. All u motherfuckers listen to me now!!!!! it SOCCER NOT FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL IS WHEN U THROW A STUPID DUMB BALL.

  4. Mate it is football atleast thats what i say cause im european and europeans created football soccer whatever and they call it football so fuck of bloody american

  5. Are you referring to the Superbowl when you say football or do you mean soccer? If you mean soccer then that's now how you spell it. It's "Futbal".

  6. what sport do u throw eggs? if ur making fun of "American Football" we could make fun of your nations eyes, Cause HOW IN EARTH DOES AN AMERICAN FOOTBALL LOOK LIKE AN EGG, you guys need glasses or to get your eyes checked out!!!

  7. Your football is 22 people wearing short shorts and high socks and kicking a ball, how is that better? theres more scoring in american football, more action more everything


  9. Guess what? The first word for soccer, (Or as you call it, football) was soccer, and it was created by a English guy. So it originated in Europe and the word was first used in Europe not America!!!!!!!!! Check your facts.

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  11. It's not about scoring, It's all about how the guy with the ball is moving, and as a team, how they can penetrate the defense and finally score. The less scoring games the more intertainig they are.
    Basketball is a symple of football (soccer), but shortened. That's boring to hell. Good skills though.
    American football please, you're thrusting your self in sport.

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  13. The word "soccer" originated in mid-19th century. The word "football", in reference to the game, pre-dates the word "soccer" by hundreds of years, while "association football" (the distinguishing name for the game) pre-dates the word "soccer" by about a decade or two.

    In either case, the first word for football was "football" – "Soccer" came later. Check your facts, yo.

  14. sorry that was half a year ago and i was on a random video spree, but seriously my shots ARE a lot harder than that

  15. To my surprise, this wasn't a bad tutorial. All his coaching points were spot on, and the technique demonstrated was correct. You idiots claiming how weak the shot was don't understand the point of the video. The point of the video is to just demonstrate the technique. There is absolutely no reason for him to drill it as hard as he can. He is just shooting to demonstrate perfect technique.

  16. Really? How to kick a ball? I would have thought, put ball on ground, move leg back and then move leg forward in a rapid acceleration. At best, a 3 second video

  17. Everytime I kick the ball, I keep destroying the net and breaking the goalkeeper's arms.

    Am I doing it right?

  18. when im shooting with my laces. it hurts on my ankles. that and the muscles are stretched and that causes many pain for me. How do i shoot with my laces without the pain???

  19. My 8 year old son made a perfect kick went up and went to steert a car come so fast it poped it.POW!!!! Amzing

  20. This video had the techniques and demonstrations exactly. I don't see why people critisize him. How are you going to look for a video that teaches you how to kick, and at the end of the video critisize him? By the way, nice video, I learned a lot from this video. Thank You!

  21. DADDY GUESS WHAT I LEARNED TODAY. dad replies what.?. Kid replies I learned how to shit a soccer ball. Dad replies oh my lord….

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